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Cutting Out

Didn’t feel much like sewing today so I set up the cutting table in front of the TV and so I can cut out while I watch movies.  Cutting out shirts means cutting out lots of pieces, so today, as a change of pace, I’m cutting out some New Look 6871 tops for M.  The pattern only has 4 pieces plus some bias.  And nothing that requires interfacing.

Fullscreen capture 6132012 44531 PM

The idea is to use up some of the fabrics I bought by the pound at the craft thrift store.  Fabric #1:

When the garment is all cut out and the bias is cut, I store the pieces in a ziplock bag which prevents random pieces from going walkabout.


Next fabric on the cutting table is the same blue that was used for my recent shirt and the shirt for A.  There was certainly a lot of yardage in this wide fabric, and there might be enough left for one or two more shirts.


Here is a remnant I also got at the craft thrift store, and I am wondering how to use it.  The motifs are very large, from about 10″ to 15″ high.  They might make fun baby bibs or a baby quilt.


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Two days ago it was 111 degrees in the shade, and yesterday it was 102.  Not so bad yet today:

DSC00224The temperature will go up, it’s only noon.  I am keeping cool, somewhat, by sewing with my little fan on the sewing table.  I’m working on another top for M from New Look 6871 while listening to a Nora Roberts book-on-tape.Fullscreen capture 6132012 44531 PMThe yoke has been installed and now I am doing the topstitching, then all that is left is to do the armhole binding and hem.  Tops that don’t have buttons or zippers go really fast.DSC00225

The garden has been growing like crazy the last three weeks.  Here are some comparison pictures:

DSC00204June 8

Garden July 1, 2013July 1

I am amazed at my basil crop this year.  It is the best I have ever ever done with this herb.  I’ve already made many batches of pesto and frozen it in small containers, and the basil just sends out new growth.  It is my goal to add to our groceries and to raise enough food to help other people, too.  After I put up enough plums in the freezer to make jam next winter when it is cooler, we gave over 100 pounds of plums and produce to the Food Bank, and some to other relatives and friends.  All this out of my modest back yard.  That winter squash has reached the top of the chain link fence and invaded the neighbor’s yard.  Maybe the neighbor kids will get a pumpkin of their own.  I did plant a lot of peppers but don’t remember which variety, so that is a happy surprise for another day.

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I’m on a roll this week!  Three tops sewn, and I think this one is my favorite.




New Look 6871 is the gift that keeps on giving.  So easy to sew, with no zippers, buttons, or fancy construction.

Not sure what I will sew next, but I am about to go look through the patterns.

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Another Cotton Top

The last New Look 6871 I sewed was in July of last year.  Fullscreen capture 6132012 44531 PMEvery time I make one of these I am impressed with the drafting.  Of course, I did redraft the back myself, using the back seamline of New Look 6027, but it just really goes together fast and fits great.  It looks great on everyone from a skinny petite to a plus size.   This one is from the mustard, gray and cream print that looks like a computer printout or a mosaic.  M has a gray sweater cardigan that will look good with this, and if I am remembering right, she has a nice yellow necklace, too.  Not one hand stitch was done on this, hallelujah.


I am always pleased with how nicely the armholes fit in this pattern.


I had cut this out a few days ago, but I didn’t start sewing it until this morning.  I sewed off and on and finished it up by 2:00 in the afternoon.  So a quick sew, even with all the topstitching I did, bias binding, understitching, lined yoke, etc.  DSC00076This should be a very useful top in M’s wardrobe since with layering and accessories it can go to the office, but it can be very casual, too.  Of course, this top looks fabulous in striking prints (like the yellow and black I made last time), but this more quiet print still looks great in person though not so much in a photo.

Some people only use a pattern one time and are then on to the next one.  When I have been successful getting a pattern to fit well, I like to use it many times.  The fabric you use will change the appearance of the garment so much that no one will notice, and you can also use trims and embroidery.

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Spring has sprung.  At least, it has sprung between bouts of freezing weather, but it’s still too early to start my seeds.  I was a little surprised to see these daffodils blooming in the front garden bed though.

DSC00066Yesterday I had a cutting-out fest and managed to get three tops ready for the machine.  The two on the left will be mostly plain, but I put some tucks into the yoke front of the blue New Look 6027.   That one will be sewn first for the simple reason that the blue thread is still on the machine.

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Why is it so hard to find shirting fabrics?  My daughter, A, could always use new shirts for work, but the proper fabrics are very hard to find.  One of these days, I am going to have to go over to the last remaining Hancocks in the area and see what they have.  We don’t go over there very often because it involves a long drive and a $5 bridge toll.

They are having a big sale over at Joann’s this week.  Some of the cottons are 50% off and I have a 20% off your fabric purchase coupon, too.  Since I didn’t spend any money at all at Stitches this year, I went ahead and bought some pretty cottons for summer tops.  Here’s a photo of the first batch with my hand stuck in for size reference (and also the camera cord, but ignore that):


The mustard print and the polka dot are going to be more New Look 6871 tops, and the blue and the black prints will become New Look 6027 tops.  NL 6871 is a very easy top to sew with only 4 pattern pieces (plus some bias binding) so that should also spark the sewing mojo.  The shirts I make for A have collars and cuffs and princess seams, etc., so it’s better to make something simple first before diving into shirtmaking.IMG_8305

Fullscreen capture 6132012 44531 PM

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Time to make a practice garment for New Look 6871.  This is the second muslin, and the hope is that it will be a wearable muslin.  Instead of making a plain garment, I did a little free-motion embroidery on the yoke.  It’s been some months since I did this kind of embroidery, maybe even a year, so I am a little rusty at it, but nothing some practice won’t cure.

This is a plain green cotton I got at the the thrift store in Sebastopol.  It will make a nice cool summer top, if it fits correctly.  I am using a heavier than usual cotton thread for the embroidery.  I like the textured look it gives, and the price was right.  They had lots of these big 9600-yard cones at the thrift shop, and since it was 50% off day, my cost was only $2.50 each.  That’s a lot of thread.

Tomorrow, I’ll cut out the rest of the top and get started on the sewing.

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