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Got nothing much to show this week so will just put up a random rose picture I took when we were in Canada this summer.  I love deep yellow roses with pink/orange undertones, so I should really just buy myself one and enjoy it.  I would also like a Mexicana climbing rose.

In sewing news, I finished a couple of plain pillowcases and a tablecloth, all white and boring, and am now finishing up a few UFOs.  My sewing machine table, which is tucked into a corner of my bedroom, is an old typing table.  I made a kind of saddlebag that hangs off the lefthand side and I tuck my UFOs into that neatly sealed in ziplock bags.  When the saddlebag gets so full that it interferes with my sewing, I finish off a few things.  Today I am making a top cut from vintage doubleknit in lavender.  I have one of these tops made from a gifted piece of somewhat hideous but interesting doubleknit, and it never wrinkles, always looks good, and skims a person’s figure irregularities.  So, in opposition to the prevailing fabric snobbery, I watch out for lengths of vintage doubleknit to make this top pattern from.  Hopefully not too hideous.

Of course, sewing on the old doubleknit requires experience and a good presscloth.  I found a package of 5 dishtowels (plain white, Mainstays)  for only around $5 at the Walmart, and discovered that they make excellent presscloths.  You can dampen them and really steam a seam into submission.

Now I need to get my new presscloths and finish up the hems on my almost-finished top.

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