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Turtle Bib

This turtle fabric was a lucky find in the remnant bin and is big enough to make several bibs.

DSC01060Sometimes it’s fun to make a bib that requires no fancy work like embroidery or applique and to just allow the cute fabric to speak for itself.  This fabric made up into a nice bib:

DSC01055I finished another grocery bag, but then the tension on my machine just stopped working, so I guess it is destined to visit the repairman.  I’ve been meaning to try out another one of my machines so now is the time.

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More Dresses

It’s time to sew some more dresses for little girls in a variety of sizes, so the first step is to trace off the patterns.

Lucky for me, I have access to a xerox machine, so I just ran off copies of the bodice pattern and ended up with a set for every size.  This is a basic button-up-the-back bodice that I have changed to suit my purposes, and it can have a flared or gathered skirt.  I’m using my TNT pattern:

You can add any trims, or sleeve styles to a basic bodice, but my problem is that I often sew for girls who live far away and are not available to measure.  Tricky areas for me are cuff width and bicep width since a too-tight sleeve will mean the dress does not get worn.  I searched through my stock of dress patterns to find some sleeves that are cute but don’t require these measurements, like an angel sleeve or flutter sleeve.  Here’s a few that turned up:

This nice tulip sleeve is from Simplicity 2265.

This gathered cap sleeve is from McCall’s 5966.

Now I’m going to go look through my old issues of Sew Beautiful and some pattern drafting books for ideas. This should use up some extra fabric and trims, too.

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Now, on to more interesting and easier sewing.

I asked the spouse if this looked like a watermelon to him, but he said no, because it was pink.  He’s a literal thinker.

Pod full of peas.  Notice how I changed the yo-yo peas to a single piece.  Still sort of looks like peas, maybe.

I left the easiest one for last.  After all the finicky apples and watermelon seeds, etc., this was a cinch.

I have a big box full of donation fabrics, so I’ll make some little girl dresses.  What I disliked most about making these bibs was the endless clipping around all the curved shapes before turning them right side out. My hand has scissor fatigue.

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Still of the opinion that this is a LOT of work for a bib, however cute they turn out.  I hope they sell well and make a lot of money for the organization, though.  I don’t know what that big yellow spot on the apple is supposed to be, but at least it isn’t a yo-yo anymore.

Can you tell that this is supposed to be a carrot?

A pear.  This one was pretty easy to make.

On the sewing machine now is a watermelon bib with three little appliqued black circles that are supposed to be seeds. I’m trying to get the work-intensive bibs out of the way and saving the easy pumpkin for the last.

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More Baby Bibs

My peach tree out front is finally blooming.  I went out at sunset to catch a picture of the last rays of the day hitting the peach blossoms.  We are having a stretch of sunny weather so maybe the fruit set will be good this year.  We also planted a new peach tree in the backyard yesterday.

The bibs are being finished one by one.  Here’s how the latest two look:

You can see where I am substituting other forms for the yo-yos.  I could have sewn several dresses in the time it takes to make these blankety blank bibs, but at least they are cute.  It seems like a lot of effort just for a bib though.  Well, back to the sewing machine…

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Church Bibs

My women’s group at church is having a sale to raise money for an organization that fights human trafficking.  Someone has donated lots and lots of good quality fabric, so the ladies sent me home with a giant bag full.  First, they want me to finish up some baby bibs that were already cut out.  Here’s the pattern they gave me:

I have to make some changes as I sew these, the most important being that I am doing away with any and all of the fabric yo-yos.  Firstly, I think food could get into all the folds and crevices and it would be difficult to get the bib really clean, and secondly because I dislike yo-yo’s very much.  I used to sleep under an unlined and unbacked yo-yo-quilt when I was a child, and it felt scratchy and unpleasant, so I have avoided them ever since.  The ladies wanted me to pad the bibs with something, so I added a layer of batting.

The sale is not until May, so I have time to sew lots of items.  Here’s the first bib (View A):

These are supposed to be fruits and vegetables, but I don’t know what fruit View A looks like.  I wasn’t given the pattern envelope, only a xerox of the front, so I can’t look on the back to see what they say it is.  The next one is a strawberry (View F), and since the fabric is a solid color, I gave it that strawberry look with quilting.

I should be able to finish up the strawberry bib tomorrow.  Some of the lengths of fabric I was given were very generous, so I might make some little girl dresses, hats, and handbags for the sale.

I am having company for dinner tomorrow so right now I have to go bake a chocolate cake.  My favorite cake recipe is the Beatty’s Chocolate Cake from Ina Garten because it is delicious and doesn’t have any butter in it, so I can pretend it is healthy.

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Bibs 2 and 3

I don’t seem to be the horrible procrastinator I used to be.  I was the kid who was wildly studying the night before the exam, or reading the book the night before the book report all the way through my school career.  Now it looks like I have improved a little.  I actually have the baby shower gift done early.

This bib is made from a fabric sample.  These samples are all bound together in a big book-like folder, and the samples are cut randomly so there is no control over what section of the print appears on any fabric sample.  I lucked out with this one and got a good view of the seals, whale and treasure.

The bibs are quilted a little but not so much that it makes them a pain to sew:

The tops of the bibs close with velcro.  The package of velcro I bought is a new kind that does not have two different halves, a hook side and a loop side.  The tape has hooks and loops intermingled.  I’m not sure it catches as well as the old kind, but only experience and wear will tell.

This fabric is bright and cheerful with primary colors galore so should catch a baby’s interest.

Welll, that’s all the bibs I am making for now since I have a short attention span when it comes to bias tape application.

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