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Rooster Apron

Not sure if the big wide pocket will be useful or annoying, but I like the roosters.   It certainly is handy having lots of aprons in the drawer though.

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There is still some lingerie that needs to be finished up, but an apron is calling out to me to be made up.  The white apron I just completed has been put to use already, so, when I saw that there was just enough left of the sheet to make another one, I cut one out.  There’s going to be a big pocket across the front, and it is a good opportunity to try out a new embroidery design.  This design is actually a free sample from Oregon Patch Works.  It’s located in ‘Roosters Rule The Roost DOW’ and the designer is A Vintage Touch.  I used my BuzzEdit software to flip it horizontally so I could put two roosters on the pocket facing each other:

A Vintage Touch has designs that mimic the look of hand embroidery.  My mom really liked, and collected, chicken and rooster designs, so this apron pocket will remind me of her.

The pocket is quite long, but I folded it in the middle so I could take a picture of both roosters.  You can see the wash-away marker I used to help with the hooping.  Hooping is pretty difficult for me, but I am getting better at it.

My sister-in-law loved the squirrel apron!

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Finished Apron

Ready to splatter with cooking spills!  Next time I will make the band a little narrower, maybe only cut the piece 5″ or 4 3/4″ wide, and shorten the ties a little to about 32″ or 33″.  There is only a little bit of the sheet left so it will be saved for purse linings or embroidery samples.  This was a two-apron week.

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Another Apron Pattern

The aprons I usually make have measurements taken from an old book and from some aprons we got at a craft sale in Virginia.  I wrote about them here:


Now I would like to have an apron with a bit more coverage, so I drafted up a new one to try:

There’s only one tie shown above, but you would cut two of them, cut one body, and cut one band.  There can be one, two or, who knows, even more pockets.

The pocket on the apron just calls out for some embroidery or decoration so it is a good chance to try out a new embroidery design.  This one is from Oregon Patch Works.

Here’s my little machine stitching away on the design:

So far, the pocket is sewn and attached (so much faster to work with corners instead of curves), and the ties are being hemmed.I don’t know yet how big a hem I am going to put at the bottom edge since the sheet I cut it from already had a finished edge and I may just leave that the way it is.   Usually, the apron would have about a 2″ hem.

If this one works out, I’ll have to whip up one for Christmas, too.

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Squirrel Apron

I finished up the apron today, and since the husband was headed out to do some errands and could take it to his sister, it only seemed right to get him to model it.

This apron is made from the leftover yardage of an IKEA sheet (Dvala, I think).  I followed the instructions in the booklet except that I left off the bottom ruffle and added 3″ to the length.  Bias tape is my usual edge finish for aprons, but this pattern called for rick rack, so that is what I used.  My daughter advised going with brown trim, and before I even had time to hunt around for some, I found some in a reddish brown of the perfect hue at Bolt’s End in Castro Valley when my sister and I were out shopping.

I cut the part that goes around the back of the neck from double fabric which gives it weight and helps it lie smoothly across the shoulders.  The ties are cut about 3.5″ wide and 31″ long.  Now the next time I make this pattern, I can reread this and see what I did.  I used the same pattern to make this apron for M:

That version had bias tape, shorter length, and longer pockets (by accident).  Making pockets with curved corners is much more time consuming than the usual rectangular patch pocket, and I think the rectangular ones are stronger because the seam allowances don’t have to be clipped.  Next time it is going to be rectangular pockets for sure.

This is a very cute pattern, easy to sew, and comfortable to wear.

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I have an ongoing fun disagreement with my sister-in-law over the relative merits of squirrels.  She thinks they are cute and wonderful, and I think they are troublesome menaces who damage my garden and mock me while they are about it.  I decided to make her an apron decorated with squirrels and found this embroidery design at Oregon Patch Works:

The pattern I’m using is Retro Aprons by Cindy Taylor Oates:

So far, the apron is all cut out, and the embroidery is done.  Even though squirrels are obviously not my favorite animal, these designs are really cute:

There will be a bigger motif at center front, and slightly smaller ones on the pockets, because what good is an apron without pockets?  I’m trying to sew this completely from the stash, so I have to decide whether to trim the edges with white rickrack or with brown bias tape.  I’ll probably go with the white since that would make the squirrels take center stage.

I am finding the machine embroidery addicting and fun, but am feeling the call of free motion embroidery, too.  I was on my way home from Sebastopol last week, and stopped in at a thift store outside of town.  There was a whole bin of rayon embroidery thread on 5500 yard cones, so I bought 4 colors to try out.  Couldn’t resist at $1 a cone.

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