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These jackets started with the basic pattern I made with Sure-Fit Designs.  First came the hooded vest and then I decided to put long sleeves on it.  Once or twice a year the local fabric store has an excellent sale on fleece, so I usually just buy any color or print that I like.  This means I have tons of fleece in the fabric stash, but this year and last I used up some of it making vests and these jackets.

The facings are cut from the same fleece and are interfaced with an iron-on knit interfacing.  I don’t recall having much trouble with the buttonholes.  The cuffs do not have plackets or buttons but are just circular and topstitched and are just big enough to slide my hand through.  The sleeve is gathered to the cuff and I first wondered if that would look strange, but I really like it.

After a solid color jacket, I decided to try a print just for fun.

I’m not sure how you would style a print like this, but since it will probably make its debut when I’m doing yard work, the only thing that matters is that the colors make me happy.

There are more vests and jackets planned but right now I’m sewing the first summer shirt to see how the pattern tweaks I made work out.

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