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There are about a half dozen hooded vests in my wardrobe now, but the stash is still full of fleece so it wouldn’t hurt to make some more.  It’s great to have a standard winter wardrobe that doesn’t require much thought but is comfortable and practical.  Now the summer future wardrobe needs some work.  My life is mostly at home, but there are errands to run even when it is 100+ degrees out there.  For running errands, the summer wardrobe needs to have pants (got tons of those) and cool, modest tops that allow lots of movement.  I’ve been paying attention to what I reach for the most, and I seem to really like the shirts I made from McCall’s 8082 adapted for 3/4-length sleeves.  This pattern is not closely fitted so stays cool to wear, has dropped shoulders, a yoke, and a pleat in the back which gives it lots of “reach”.  I make it in almost a tunic length.  My copy of the pattern is so old that it needed to be traced, and I thought it would be better to draft out a new 3/4-length sleeve.

I’ve made lots of camp shirts from this pattern, but the 3/4-length sleeves look a little more feminine and pulled together.  This is a casual working shirt for errands and driving the car, so the looser fit and wider back work well for that.  This black blouse in a fabric with nice drape is a favorite of mine and looks much better on than it does on a hanger.  It looks nice and you can still carry two bags of groceries.  For more formal wear I’ll use the Sure-Fit Designs shirts because they are more fitted.

The old worn pattern was traced onto butcher paper and all the pieces were cut out.  Now I am ready to cut out a few blouses and get sewing.

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