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New Tablecloth

Quickly changed the color on the machine and hemmed up another tablecloth.  I got this fabric by the pound at the craft thrift store, and I think it makes a very attractive tablecloth.

The decorator fabric is usually 54 inches or more wide, and for my table I cut a 72″ length.  With the hemming finished, it should be about 70″ long.  I hem them with a double turn under and stitch the corners down with a square or triangle.

Now to go through all the UFOs and pick out something to sew next.


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Red Shirt

For some reason, probably the slippery easy-to-fray fabric, this project just took forever.  I couldn’t start any other projects until I finished this one or it would never get done, so it just lingered around for a long long time.  However, this week I decided to clear my path for other, more-fun sewing, so I tried to work on it every day.  Finally I remembered that I would be seeing my daughter on Saturday when we would go to a family event (my nephew’s wife graduated from nursing school!) so I made the effort and finished sewing on the last button Friday night.

Since we were down in Monterey when I gave A the shirt, she said she would send me a picture of her wearing it.  We have a rule:  if I sew something for you, there is an obligatory try on of the garment.  Here is her selfie:

It doesn’t look too bad after being squished in a ziplock bag all day.  Her mirror is one of a set of curvy, wavy mirrors.

Now I am free to start another project.  I usually hem a tablecloth for a palate cleanser, so that’s what I’ll do.  I have some nice blue and white decorator fabric I got at the craft thrift store that will do nicely.


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