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Sewing is finally getting started again around here but for the last month or so there has been cupboard organizing and some decluttering happening instead.

My first big project was the bookshelf in the entry hall that was a big mess.  A few new containers later and it was neat and surprisingly has stayed that way.It’s really handy to have the baskets for sunglasses and keys and the bin on the left top for the grocery bags that have to go back into the car (this crazy state charges you for grocery bags so I made my own).  I also bought a little white trash can for the umbrellas and walking sticks that used to fall down every time someone walked by.  Much better now.

Then I tackled the pantry cupboards in the dining area.  I got some storage containers and shelf dividers and everything changed from chaos to order:


Sometimes I just like to stand there and gaze at the neatness of it all.  Plus, the plastic containers for food storage in another cupboard no longer fall out on my head.

Now it is time to start sewing again.  I am working on another shirt for A in a pretty cranberry color.  Also have to take photos of the two fleece jackets I made for myself, but tomorrow is another day.

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