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Almost Christmas

It is stressful around here to shop for Christmas because, though it is soooo much easier to order things online without having to go to the crowded mall, we have had several packages stolen off the porch in the past year.  Crooks even follow the delivery trucks around and nab the package right after it lands on the porch.  I have to manage the deliveries and be home when they are due to arrive which isn’t easy.  For example, the last package, a book, was supposed to be delivered on Thursday, then they said there was a delay and it was due on Friday, then another snafu and the following Tuesday was the day, then another delay and Monday was the due date, then it was delivered on Sunday as a total surprise when I opened the front door and found it on the mat.  Anyhow, all have now safely arrived so there is just Christmas baking left to do.

With all that out of the way, it is time to get sewing again.  I am going to be making some shirts for A, and decided to change the collar.  I don’t think she really cares for a collar and stand so I changed the collar to one I see a lot on Japanese patterns.  I also saw an interesting and easier way to sew the cuffs on a lady’s shirt at church, so I may try that next. Here’s the first version nearly finished:

dsc02399All that is left to do is make the buttonholes and sew on the buttons.  I had to wait for A to come home for a visit to see how high the top button should be.

There are several projects all cut out and ready to go:  dsc02401This will be a shirt for the husband for Christmas.  


Above is an aqua knit for another vest.  I have no idea why the camera decided it should have a pink background since it was white in real life.


This will be an apron cut from a nice length of Waverly fabric I got at the craft thrift shop. ↑

dsc02405Another apron

There have been some changes made to my regular apron pattern to do away with all the bias tape and make it faster to sew.  The first one I changed was a great success so I am making a few more and using up some decorator fabric remnants.





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