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Lingerie Month

I have spent the last month and a half sewing lingerie for my daughter.  But since I am never going to put pictures of my daughter’s underwear online, I don’t have much to show in the sewing department.  The last time I had a lingerie marathon like this was about two years ago, and I have found that I forgot most of the techniques I had learned about bra making, etc.  I had to relearn a lot of things, but now I am on a roll and working on the sixth and seventh bras.  This time I am trying lots of new fabrics, most of which I found at the craft thrift store in the ‘lycra’ bin.

One thing I learned that has been a tremendous help is how to cut and coat underwires.  I have a big stash of underwires that I bought on sale, but most are too long.  These articles caused me to go buy some heat-shrink tubing, hardcore wire pliers, and a heat gun:



I am using the Bolyston Bra pattern and we love it.  I made several with the regular fabric straps, and then several with the strap attachment point moved over a bit and some premade elastic straps I had in the stash.

After I finish this project, I think I will make a few more fleece vests and some more shirts.  It will be nice to sew on something that is less finicky and has no elastic.


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