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Having finished up a few T-shirt tops, it was time to tackle another shirt for A.  This fabric came from the big (huge, really) fabric warehouse in Minnesota that we stopped at on our trip about two years ago.  It was shirting fabric so worth a try.  The fabric sewed up very easily and pressed nicely, but seems to wrinkle easily, too.  I will be interested to get a report from A to see how it wears.  She didn’t seem to worry about the wrinkle factor that much since she always wears a lab coat.  It took me about 4 days to sew the shirt which I was trying to finish before A came home for a visit.  She was pleased with it and tried it on for me over the pretty lace dress she was wearing, so it looks a little ill-fitting in the photos, but we have made this same shirt enough times to know it is OK.



Here are a few of the other shirts made from this same pattern, with variations:

Abby's Blue Striped ShirtWhen she was visiting, A showed me that she still has a pair of pajama bottoms made from a waffle knit that I made for her years ago.  They were shortie pajama bottoms so that got me thinking about all the flannel and knit  remnants I have kicking around in the stash.  She was eager to get some more pajama shorts, so after she went back home, I dug around in the fabric stash.  So far I have two pairs cut out using her regular pajama pant pattern which I shortened to about a 14″ length.  Should have the first pair finished today.  It is the sad truth that it often pays to be a fabric hoarder.

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