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Still working on the knit cardigan with the buttonholes and buttons still pending, but it fits well and the sleeves are not too wide.  In the meantime, I don’t think I ever showed this shirt in its finished form though I did show the fabric:

DSC02128It has the side-darted front though the ends of the darts are covered by nearly invisible pockets.  There are 3/4-length sleeves, shirttail hem, and a lapel collar.  I have several aqua tanks and t-shirts I can wear underneath.


DSC02122This was a semi-wild print that I bought on a whim at the craft thrift store, but it has a nice weight for a summer jacket.

Here’s a preview of the knit jacket cardigan waiting for its buttons.  I found some large buttons that are black with a teal splotch in the middle that are perfect even if a little big.


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First, here’s a picture of the vest I was making from heavy knit that was finished some time ago (https://redpajamamama.wordpress.com/2016/05/10/more-shirts/).  I just couldn’t find any blue separating zipper anywhere so I went with a white one since this was just a wearable muslin.  The vest turned out pretty well except that I discovered that I don’t really like a hood with a single seam up the back but prefer one with a panel down the middle.  This hood on the vest was taken from a Japanese pattern, but in future versions I’ll just use the hood from the fleece vest pattern.

DSC02234UPDATE:  Turns out that I really like this vest.  It is really comfortable to wear on a car trip and the fabric doesn’t hold onto stains.  Up the coast on our trip, I spilled orange juice down the front of it when the car stopped suddenly, and the stain came right out as if it had never happened.  Though this is not my favorite hood pattern, I learned to manage it so it isn’t so annoying.

So, on to the next T-shirt.  There was a lot of yardage in this print fabric, so I made this top and am currently working on a sewn cardigan to match.  This fabric really made me wonder about people who design prints.  Is it really a good idea to have large flesh-colored roundish areas with a dark center?  You really have to be careful to avoid these “bulleyes” ending up in the wrong place, and it wasn’t easy.



Here’s the necklace that my daughter made for me a few birthdays ago that will look good on this top:


DSC02220The drought here has eased a bit, so we are putting in a medium-sized garden this year.  There has been a bumper crop of plums so far, and I have already made some jam and donated the rest of the plums to the Food Bank.  I like to keep track of the number of pounds of produce that we give to the Food Bank every year to see if we can beat our last year’s record.  So far this year the total is 112 pounds which already beats last year (but that was a drought year).  Last year we thought the volunteer old peach tree was dying, but my husband pruned it and it came back healthy and strong and is covered with peaches.  We have no idea what kind of peaches they are except that they are delicious.


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I’ve made so many of these t-shirts that I stopped counting.  The other day I found a length of this fabric at the craft thrift store in the bin for bathing suit fabrics.  I liked the wild and crazy print and the fabric didn’t seem too plasticy, so it became another t-shirt.  This time I took the basic altered-for-me cap-sleeved pattern:
DSC02229and added 2 inches of length to the sleeves and curved the waist in a little:

DSC02228The fabric was really easy to sew and has a great drape.  Next time I go to the craft thrift store I am heading right to the bathing-suit fabric bin.  It doesn’t look all that great on Madam Merp (she looks a little tipsy in this picture) but looks really good on me.  The longer sleeve length is a big improvement.

DSC02200This led to a t-shirt sewing binge.  Now that I have 4 new tops, I decided to see if any of my existing necklaces would look good with them.  I found two that I made a long time ago that I could wear with this top.

DSC02202The idea for this necklace came from a book on ethnic jewelry, and I made the amber-like bead and the other larger beads from polymer clay.



The other necklace that goes with this shirt was made from polymer clay and was supposed to have rainbow-colored beads.  The beads didn’t turn out with bright rainbow colors, but I liked the necklace anyway:




My daughter is a talented jewelry maker and often gives me gifts of handmade necklaces and earrings for holidays and birthdays.  It’s fun making clothes to match, something I never tried before except for the royal blue top I made 2 years ago (https://redpajamamama.wordpress.com/2014/09/09/adventures-in-royal-blue/).  In the next post, I’ll show another shirt with a necklace she made for me.


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