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More Shirts

Still having fun drafting different shirt designs using the Sure-Fit Designs system.  Yesterday I cut out another jean-jacket-type shirt jacket with smaller pocket flaps in a pretty aqua denim-weight fabric and will start sewing that next. Before I get to that one, though, I’m going to sew a quick vest to wear with jeans. For some reason, I love hooded garments so I looked at a lot of Japanese patterns to see how a hood could be drafted to fit the lowered neckline I prefer, and have one ready to try out.   There are several lengths of fabric in the stash that don’t have enough yardage for a shirt with sleeves, so they will be used to make some light-weight hooded vests.  To try out the pattern, the first version is cut from some fairly thickish double knit:

DSC02129It’s a nice denim color and should look good with jeans.  It will be sleeveless with top stitching and a zipper up the front.

After the brown shirt was finished (and I found it so comfortable and flattering), I decided to use that pattern without the pocket flaps in a lighter cotton shirt.  This red fabric has been stuck in the stash for years and years and was originally going to be a shirt for A but she vetoed the fabric choice.


DSC02116As I mentioned in the last post, sewing a collar and stand all the time began to lose its appeal so the next shirt has a lapel collar.  This fabric is a lot slinkier than I usually sew and it was a challenge because it raveled like crazy.  The shirt turned out great, though, and I think it will get a lot of wear.  The most amazing thing, though, is that this fabric had been in the stash only a few weeks!



Right now the vest princess seams need a good press and some top stitching, so back to the sewing room.

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