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Between Projects

I didn’t sew at all this week, which is unusual for me.  I discovered Picasa Web Albums and the wonderful magazines people have posted there and spent a lot of the week going through sewing and needlework magazines.  For a break towards the end of the week, I went up to the next county to visit the craft thrift store and came home with a nice haul of fabric, mostly lovely linens and printed knits.  I am amassing quite a large mountain of fabric in the guest room so better get busy and sew a lot of it up before it falls on someone.



My daughter, A, picked up the gray shirt and tried it on.  It fit very well, so I have been mentally designing different variations of it to keep the sewing interesting while I crank out multiple versions for her to wear to work.  I pulled out several patterns with different kinds of collars and cuff variations so will be trying these out.  My fabric from the craft thrift store includes over 8 yards of a most beautiful teal linen, which is calling out to be cut and sewn.  However, I have a red shirt for me all ready to go, I just need to get off the computer and over to the sewing machine.



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Rainstorm Sewing

We are finally getting some really good rain here in California.  This storm is supposed to go on through Monday, so, since we must stay indoors, there is lots of sewing going on.  This week I worked on the gray shirt for A and finally finished it this morning.

DSC01974The collar and cuffs are lined with a deep raspberry red.  It was difficult finding buttons the right color of gray, so these buttons, having languished in the button bin for decades, finally got used.  They are a sort of gray/dark raspberry mix that reminds me of old linoleum.  I sewed them on with dark raspberry thread.

DSC01979One of these days I am just going to cut off those silly little arms I originally put on the duct-tape double dressform because they are annoying and don’t show off the garment correctly.


DSC01976This fabric was some sort of blend, and it doesn’t take a press very well, but it should wash without wrinkling too much.  We’ll see how it wears because I still have some left to use up.

Next up in line is some lingerie for one of the daughters and more shirts for me.

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