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Another Vest


DSC01781-001 Just finished this one, and I threw the vest in the washing machine already.  Washing the fleece felts it up a little and makes it look a little better to me.



The pocket print is  the only pattern matching I did on this vest.


This print is a little wild but since these vests are for wearing around the house in winter, I can choose the brightest wild prints I want.  Two vests down, more to go, but right now I need a fast easy project.

I have a sort of saddle bag container attached to the end of my sewing table, and that’s where I put all the ziplock bags with cut-out projects.  Every once in awhile I’ll get them all out and look them over.  Some date back years and years.  This fall, though, I managed to finish off two of them.  One is the pink raw silk shirt that just needed buttons, and one was a light tan chambray blouse.  Right now I’m going to look through the selection again and see what else needs to be finished up.

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DSC01706All done.  This is an unlined jacket/shirt in a denim-weight brown cotton fabric.  The pattern was drafted by me using Sure-Fit Designs and an old blouse pattern that dates back about 20 years.  The sleeves are 3/4 length but for some strange reason look a lot shorter in these pictures.

DSC01710On this closeup of the front, you can see all the top stitching this kind of jacket requires.  I used the pockets from another pattern but I think they are a little too large so will go for a smaller version next time.

DSC01711It works as a shirt when it is all buttoned up.

DSC01714There is a seam down the back because I was originally going to put a back vent in but decided not to later.

DSC01709I have seen several photos of shirts with this basic form (yokes front and back, shoulder princess seams) but without the pockets, so that is what I’m going to try next.  Right now I am finishing up a gray, gold, and black fleece vest and hemming tablecloths for a Christmas gift.


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Green Hooded Fleece Vest

Lots and lots of sewing is happening over here, but not much photography until today.  I still need to take pictures of the brown shirt/jacket, and I am almost finished with another fleece vest.  It is very nice to finish up a fleece project because the fleece is very bulky in fabric form so using it up makes a satisfying reduction in your stash.  I made a fleece vest from this old pattern that dates back to the early 1990’s.


The vest I made from this pattern years ago was for my daughter, but she never wore it much.  I kept it for myself and love wearing it on cold mornings all winter, so it seemed a good idea to make several more.  This fleece is also from the deep stash so it is nice to finally use it up.  It required lots of pattern matching, but the fabric cooperated this time and didn’t give me too much trouble.



DSC01701The old vest has facings made of broadcloth, but I couldn’t find any fabric in this same green, so I just used the same fleece to see if that would work.  It worked very well as long as the fleece is interfaced.  The last time I sewed with fleece I swore I never would again because the fabric was slippery and hard to work with.  I must have better skills now because it didn’t give me any trouble at all.


DSC01703DSC01700The pattern matching on the side seams turned out well, especially seen from a distance.

DSC01705It’s hard to top stitch on the very edge of fleece, so I had to find a sewing foot that would make it a little easier, and I had the most luck with an open-toe embroidery foot.

There’s only the final top stitching to do on the next vest.  After sewing so many shirts, it’s definitely a nice change to put in a zipper instead of all those buttonholes.  I hope to make about 6 of these vests because they are an addition to the wardrobe that will get lots of wear.

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