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Lots of sewing going on around here.  The decorator fabric store is going out of business (!!!) and I will miss it a lot.  I bought up a lot of fabric to make tablecloths, so for a break in the shirt making, I have been hemming tablecloths.  In the last two weeks I think I’ve hemmed 8 or more, but that includes some seat throws for the car.  My husband asked me where I was going to put them since the linen closet was pretty full.  I spent the morning reorganizing the tablecloth shelf and look what happens when you fold them neatly!  I may have room for half a dozen more…


The brown shirt/jacket is done but needs a pressing before it gets its picture taken.  After that project was done, the goal was to use up some fabric so I got out the 7 yards or so of a knit fabric (fairly thin) with a Hawaiian print on a blue background.  This got turned into three pairs of lounge or pajama pants for M.

In the last few months, a great bonanza of fabric has found its way to my door.  First, my-sister-the-nurse decided to de-stash her sewing area, loaded her fabric up in seven giant black trash bags and drove it down to me.  We had a nice visit and after she left I sorted through the bags to separate the stuff I wanted to keep from the stuff I was going to donate to the craft thrift store.  She had some really nice fabric including lots of lengths she was going to make scrubs out of before the hospital changed the rules and required all the people in each department to wear the same color.  I had to go out and buy two more storage tubs to store all that fabric.  I usually go up to the neighboring county to visit the craft thrift store once a month, and this last time I was telling myself that I already had so much fabric that I wouldn’t buy any.  I failed, but it was a happy fail.  I’ve never seen so much great quality fabric there before (at $1/pound), and I bought lots and lots.  Now there is plenty to make as many shirts as I want, including some wonderful linens and knits.  I have to go out and buy another storage tub.

One of the fabrics was a red linen, and if there is time, it will be turned into a shirt for me for Christmas.

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