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Shirt Archeology

Various ziplock bags with shirt pieces are starting to stack up around the sewing area.  My daughter, A, wanted some more work shirts, but it has been a long time since I made one. There is a TNT pattern for her in the pattern drawer, but since I was trying all sorts of things with the pattern, I didn’t remember which version was used for her favorite shirt.  I had made it into a princess-seam style with the princess seam coming from the armhole, then changed the princess seam line to the shoulder.  A says that the shoulder version came out too big which is puzzling since it is just the original well-fitting version with the darts moved around, but I cut out another one and will fit it on her when she visits next. The princess seams are much easier and faster to sew than all those darts in the original pattern.  In the meantime, I still couldn’t tell from all the assorted pattern pieces what version was used for the pink-striped shirt that is her favorite.  I ended up wasting a lot of time looking through various pattern envelopes and trying to remember what the pink shirt looked like. This is where the blog comes in handy because otherwise, would I have taken a picture of it?  After hunting up the picture, I can see that the shirt has the original darts:



IMG_6391 I used the faced vent on the sleeve and now I can tell whether it was turned to the front or back.  I still think that the collar for this pattern looks too large for the shirt, so I am changing a few things (again).  This time the shirt will have the folded front band I like so much combined with a collar and stand. This does away with the facing.  My SureFit Designs birthday present came with a sheet of collar options, and it was really handy to use those instead of hunting through all my patterns and folding miles of pattern tissue.

Next up is the interfacing application and then it is time to start sewing.


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We are now on water restriction, but our allotment is enough to keep the garden going.  We are using some drought techniques I wanted to try, like planting in a furrow instead of on a raised bed so the water is channeled to the roots, using drip hoses, and reusing clean water from the house.  A lot of water is wasted waiting for the hot water to get to the faucet, so I run that water into a container and use it to water plants.  I also reuse water that I used to rinse off vegetables.  So far, so good.  We are picking basil, cucumbers, plums, and peaches right now.

DSC01303The garden is green but the lawn is brown.  Can’t eat the lawn, so it is last on the list.

DSC01304I am loving the raised planter my husband built for me.  It seems to need less watering, and the beans and basil are doing very well.  Lots of volunteer dill sprouted there too.

In between carrying around buckets of water, I have been making the ribbings of many sweaters:


Rib borders for future sweater cardigans

After the borders are knit by hand (because I like the way they look, and I think the hand-knit borders wear better) they are hung from the knitting machine needles and the rest of the sweater is knit very quickly.  The knitting machine I use the most was packed up during the recent work on the house, so I had to set it up again.  That’s all finished so time to get back to knitting and sewing.

In the sewing department, I finished up my first pattern using the Sure Fit Design system.  I have a shirt pattern I have used a lot, but I was never satisfied with the way it fit through the shoulders.  I used my SFD draft to alter the pattern and am very interested to see how it fits now.  I cut a shirt out of heavy chambray to test it out.

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