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Christmas Shirt

Christmas this year was very nice, and the spouse wore the Christmas shirt three times.  He wore it to the office on Christmas Eve, to the festivities that night with my side of the family, and to Christmas dinner the next day.  It was a big success.


DSC00979What’s next?  Unfortunately, it’s cleaning up the sewing room which got a little out of hand during the Christmas rush.

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Christmas Sewing

Some years I have sewn a lot of gifts, but not this year.  The only thing I sewed this year was a Christmas shirt for my husband.  His Christmas shirt had to be Christmasy but not too cutesy, so the hunt was on for the proper fabric.  Here’s what was eventually chosen:

DSC00943It has a navy background so will work with his navy flannel shirt if it is too cold for short sleeves.  I finished it up yesterday and hope to get a picture of it on him next week.  While shopping for other novelty shirt fabrics, this one also came home with me:
DSC00944Before I fell back into shirtmaking, I was busy making a handbag for my MIL.  She had asked for one a few months ago and drew out the size she wanted.  I managed to finish up the bag so that she could get it on her birthday.

DSC00941Here it is half done.  I put in lots of pockets and a zipper under the flap for safety.  We measured the strap on her to get the right length.DSC00942The bag is made of black denim, but I wanted it to be easy for her to see what was in the bag, so the lining is a light color.  The pockets are lined with scraps from the Route 66 shirt I made my husband.  I don’t have much of a picture of the finished bag, but here is one of my MIL carrying the bag downtown when we were on our way to the church Christmas concert:

Night Of The Christmas Concert At The Presbyterian ChurchYou can barely see it in this picture, but she obviously likes it, so mission accomplished.

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Book Covers

When my younger daughter was at college, she used to cover her textbooks to protect them, and she gradually perfected a method that produces a strong, long-lasting, wonderful-to-the-touch book cover. She covered one of my cookbooks, and I was so impressed that I asked her to show me how to do it.  I took pictures of her while she was making one of the book covers so that I could remember what she did.  She used wrapping paper, index cards, and contact paper.Glue on the backs of corner reinforcementsShe makes corner reinforcements out of the index cards to keep the edges from wearing.

I found a copy of McCall’s Dressmaking Made Easy at the craft thrift store, and it was in great shape except for the cover.  Sometimes publications from the 30’s, 40’s or 50’s have covers that are dyed red, and it can rub off on surfaces now that the dye has aged.  I like to cover these books or pamphlets so I can still use them without my hands turning red.  I decided to give the book cover instructions a try myself, following her directions carefully.  It is fun to use colorful wrapping papers for the book covers.  Here is the result of my first effort:DSC00927

DSC00928I’ve never been as successful using contact paper, but this project taught me to use a credit card to smooth it out when applying it to the wrapping paper.  I made the title labels with Word and cut them out with deckle scissors.  They are held down temporarily with a glue stick glue and then the contact paper holds them in place.

The sewing project in the works right now is a handbag for my MIL.  She lives by a small shopping center, and needs a nice small purse that she can carry when walking over to the shops.  Her regular handbag is large and heavy and doesn’t have a shoulder strap.  I’ve got it all cut out and am ready to start sewing tomorrow.


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