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I mentioned that I have been cutting out bibs to replace the ones that have left the Baby Gift Box to become shower gifts.  This week I had some free time so I used it to sew up a few.  I absentmindedly cut the first one out upside down:

DSC00931I decided that this way the baby can look down and recognize a fire engine, so it’s all good.  This is a pre-quilted fabric I bought as a remnant, and the back is cute, too, so the bib can be reversible.

DSC00932Then I made another one, being more careful with the cutting out:

DSC00929The bindings are double thickness, cut from an IKEA Dvala sheet, and they are very soft and comfy.  Back in the day, a few years ago, you could buy the IKEA sheets separately, so I have several twin sheets I use to make aprons and binding.  I also picked up some fabric remnants with a sea turtle print and a panda print, and these will be nice for boy baby gifts along with these fire engine bibs.  I have quite a lot of fire engine fabric, it turns out.

I am never skimpy with the velcro because it keeps the baby from easily pulling the bib off.  I buy the velcro by the yard (2″ width) and cut the pieces myself crosswise, slightly rounding the corners so sharp points won’t hurt the baby.


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This And That

Mostly just puttering around this week with a little sewing chore here and another little sewing chore there.  First, there were three lengths of decorator fabric to be hemmed into tablecloths.   Not only are these used for tablecloths, but there is always one draped over the bottom half of the bed since I often use it as a sewing/cutting surface.  The cloth keeps pins, fuzz, and threads off the bed.  The discount decorator fabric store often has fabrics like these on sale for $3/yard, and I hem a 2-yard length.


Then, since I had white thread on the machine, I pulled out all the towels that were fraying on the long sides and hemmed the edges.  This adds years and years to the life of a towel that was otherwise fine, just unkempt looking.  I just turn the sides over once and secure with a zigzag stitch.


My Baby Gift Box was put to use this weekend when my daughter took a few bibs for future shower gifts, so I cut out some more bibs to replace them:


We are finally past the horrible hot weather and into a nice crisp fall.  A storm actually dropped quite a bit of rain on our drought-parched soil over the weekend, so things are looking up.

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