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I got a request in the comments to show more from my grandmother’s Mexican cross stitch book.  Here is the cover:


And a few more pages of designs:




I am still sewing my husband’s shirts and learning a lot in the process.  I’ll have to see if I can get him to model the new ones soon.  In addition to that, I took my TNT cap sleeve T-shirt pattern and am using it to design some woven blouse patterns using some vintage patterns for ideas.  More on that later.

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UFO Shirts

Once, years ago (at least 10) I was sewing some shirts for A.  I don’t remember what pattern I was using since I traced it off without putting the number on the pieces, but I still have all the traced pieces.  Time marched on and of the six shirts I cut out, I did sew some of them.  A liked one, but rejected two others since her taste in fabric changed.  Luckily, my sister is the same size so I passed on two finished shirts to her.  I recently pulled out the ziplock bag with three more cut-out shirts waiting patiently to be assembled inside and decided to finish them up.  I called my sister to see if the shirts I gave her years ago still fit, and they do, so I can go ahead and sew up the rest.  Here’s the first one:

DSC00571This is a classic style with collar and stand, curved hemline, and short sleeves.  I have several short lengths of fabric to use up, so maybe I should cut out more of these shirts since both A and my sister are a petite size so the shirt requires very little fabric.  Which means I will be replacing the UFO’s with more UFO’s to work on in the future.

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This poor bag sat around unfinished for months and months because of the thickness of fabric layers where the straps are attached to the bag.  My machine wouldn’t handle it so it needed to be stitched by hand with a lot of strength and a hemostat to pull the needle through.  The fact that it is finished is the result of a really good Korean drama I was watching.  I needed something to work on while I was watching the episodes, so now I have a finished object.  In case you are interested, the drama was The Greatest Love (also titled Best Love).



It’s hard to see on this print, but there is a pocket on the outer flap, pockets across the body front and back, and an adjustable strap.


The bag is lined with hot pink sheeting and the pockets are trimmed with bias cut from the print.  It’s been so long since I made this that I can’t remember what kind of interfacing I used, but I think there is a combination of interfacing and batting.

Well, scratch another UFO off the list.  This week I have been altering patterns and cutting out a few tops from my enormous stash of royal blue knit.

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