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First Fitting

The shirt was finished except for the buttons and the spouse tried it on.  Here’s my list of alterations:

1.  Add width to the fronts (About 1 7/16″ on each side.  I don’t know why the two fronts added together were so much narrower than the back.

2.  I traced the side vent wrong, so fix that.

3.  Change seam allowances of the armholes and the sleeve top to try  this technique:


UPDATE:  I’m going to be using this on all his shirts because it looks great and is fairly easy to do.

4.  Enlarge neckline slightly and lower front neckline 1″.

5.  Enlarge collar and stand patterns so they fit the new neckline.

6.  The pocket is a bit small so use the pocket from another pattern.

I like to get up early and do the finicky pattern work because then the day starts and it’s like it never even happened.  Also, it’s cooler in the sewing room then.

This week has involved lots of time in the kitchen.  I made plum jam, apricot jam, pickle relish, and three big batches of pesto.  Not bad for a drought year.  We used to have a big apricot tree, but it blew down in a storm about 20 years ago.  This is the first year we have had enough apricots to make a batch of jam in a long time.


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Shirts and Plums



This is as far as I have gotten on the shirt.  I did make the spouse try it on and discovered that men cling to the idea of what size they wear for years without really considering that it might have changed.  It turns out that the neckline he had in college is not the same neckline he has now, go figure.  He had been complaining that he can’t wear a tie with the shirts he bought recently but rather than considering that it was his neck that had changed, he thought something was wrong with the shirts.  The rest of this shirt fits well so I am reading up on how to make the neckline larger while leaving the rest of the shirt pretty much the same.  It doesn’t look like the alteration is too hard, just cutting down the neckline slightly and then making the collar and stand pieces longer so that they fit.

The reason not much sewing is going on around here is that everything is ripe all at once.  We picked the plums (by ‘we’, I mean ‘he’) and I made jam.  Then the apricots were ready and I made jam out of those, too. Then the cucumbers decided to produce 8 lbs in one day, so I made the pickle relish for next year.  Next up will be the applesauce and the pesto.


In between bouts of preserving, the debris left from our new shelves and the reorganization of the sewing room is gradually being reduced.  The living room is starting to look like a room instead of a storage unit, and the number of boxes in the house is much smaller.  It really is wonderful to have all my cookbooks and sewing books in plain view and easy to get to.

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Moving Books

After I had all the books and binders put away in the new/old shelves in the sewing room, I needed a fitting book.  My best books are in a nearly inaccessible stack in another room, so I had the not-too-brilliant thought to put the books I use the most in the shelves and replace the stack with books I seldom use.  This was quickly done and made me very happy.  My reorganized sewing room is not a decorator’s delight, but as I told my daughter, it is a working room, not a showplace.  I like knowing where my stuff is and knowing that most of the extra stuff I will never use is now gone.  Also, I am one of those creative people who thrive in semi-chaos.  Or so I tell myself.DSC00519My husband had the idea to get clear storage zip-closed containers for the yarn from the Container Store, and it really looks much better than the garbage bags I was using before.   It’s now possible for me to get into the closet and to access the shelf with my vintage knitting pamphlets.  Now that this big job is pretty much done, it’s time to actually make something.

DSC00515This is the hopefully ‘wearable’ muslin for the husband’s shirt.  I was just going to quick-sew a muslin, but the spouse likes the fabric, so I will go ahead and make the shirt for real.

DSC00516My goal for today is to sew the pocket on and press under the front plackets, heat permitting.  Today is supposed to be a little cooler so we will see how it goes.  It’s a little annoying that fans and sewing don’t mix.  They may keep you cool, but they blow your patterns and small fabric pieces all over the room.

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