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Finally got the cutting table back into the sewing room.  No sewing going on yet, though, since I have to trace off the shirt pattern before making the first try.  Hopefully, men are not as hard to fit.  Here’s the pattern I am using:


I got this pattern at the craft thrift store and read some good reviews about it.  It has just what the husband wants:  short sleeves, one pocket on the left side, a straight bottom edge with side vents, and no flapping facing.  I’m not going to add the buttonholes for the button-down collar because if the spouse wants a button-down collar he can go buy a shirt.  The pattern seems to be wider through the chest and narrows into the hips, so I’ll just have to make one up and see if that works for the spouse.

Fullscreen capture 5292014 53554 PMMy husband likes the bee fabric used in the shirt given to him by the grateful client, so we have been talking about what kind of prints he would like besides Hawaiian prints, which everybody likes.  A new Hobby Lobby just opened up in our town, and it has the most lovely fabric department.  I happened to notice the ‘Now Open” sign early on opening day so I stopped in and found this fabric:

DSC00506This is perfect since my husband loves a road trip.  I’m still tracing the pattern so it will be another day or so before I can cut out the practice shirt.

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Things were going along swimmingly, and I only had a few more boxes to empty (and lots more days of organizing) when I fell victim to a bad cold.  The day we moved the shelves, the spouse and I went out to breakfast as a treat to build strength for the coming ordeal, and at the next table was a family with a young boy who coughed and coughed throughout the meal.  I said to the spouse that I sincerely hoped I would not catch the boy’s cold, but my wish was not granted.  I was sick most of this week, and now the spouse is also sick.  When the fever was gone, I still puttered around in the sewing room, but sometimes the place just looks worse and worse the closer you get to the goal line.  Today I was going to put some fabric away in the cupboards (which are old and cheap and like giant armoires all along one wall), but when I opened the  door, the shelves collapsed.  This meant that I had to take tons of fabric out and reset the shelves, then reload all the fabric.  Yesterday I opened one of the cupboards and my thread rack, which hangs from the cupboard door, finally fell off and all the thread cones flew everywhere.  I had to make a quick trip to the fabric store this morning and buy a new thread rack.  By the end of today the room was starting to look much better, and I think that tomorrow I can move the cutting table back in.  Some day in the future it would be nice to save up and buy new cupboards that have shelves that don’t fall down when you look at them crosswise.

However, today I emptied the last box.  My husband is proud that I was as ruthless as I promised to be, and I have lots of fabric and patterns to take to the thrift store.  We did make a run there on Saturday with lots of the same, and the manager was really glad to see us.  I will go back with another load in a few weeks.  Meanwhile, I am eager to start sewing and knitting again.  I was surprised though that I had so much ugly fabric in the stash that I didn’t mind getting rid of.  Or does fabric just get more ugly as it ages?


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Judgement Day

The day has finally arrived when I have to clean out and declutter the sewing room.  It was sort of a chain reaction after we finally got new shelving for the overflow of books in the living room.  We got the idea of moving the old shelves into the sewing room and in order to do that we had to take out everything on that side of the room.  I knew I had a lot of stuff, but it really hits you when you have to move it all.  We got the shelves put up on Saturday, and since then I have been going through all the boxes and bins full of fabric, patterns, and all the other craft materials that have accumulated over the last 30-something years.  Luckily there is a thrift store in the next county that only deals in craft supplies, so we had a place to take all the things I realize I will never get around to using.

This morning I had 17 boxes to go through, and tonight there are only 8 left.  I had file cabinets full of clippings and lesson plans from my year as a teacher (and that was 40 years ago), so that is all now on its way to be recycled, and the file cabinets are gone, too.  Once the extra stuff is gone, you don’t miss it at all, I find.  It is nice to be organized, and it helps you be creative.

As soon as this is all over, I am going to start making some cotton shirts for my husband.  One of his clients is a local organization to promote beekeeping, and one of the women gave him a cotton shirt with a bee print that she made as a thank you for all his help.  He loves wearing cotton, and he wears the bee shirt so much that I decided to make him some shirts.  I’ll have to take him shopping for some fun prints as soon as I get the pattern fitted.  Luckily, during the big sewing room turnover, I found some truly ugly cotton fabric that will be useful as a muslin (though not a wearable one).  He wants short sleeved, one-pocket, straight-bottomed shirts with side vents.  But first, 8 boxes full of stuff are calling my name.

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Well, those flannel booties haven’t been started yet, but while hunting through the sewing room for an old pattern, I found about four cut-out baby bibs.  The fabric for these bibs was from my stash of decorator fabric samples I got from the upholstery brothers several years ago.  Some of the fabric had large scale prints, so it turned into interesting baby bibs.  I also cut out several more from other fabrics.


The fabric samples were only just big enough to fit the bib pattern onto so I thought this one turned out rather well through luck alone.


I think these are robots.


I like the way the elephant trunk ended up wrapped around the neckline.  Also pure luck.


This was not a fabric sample but was from the remnant section at the fabric store a while ago for 50% off.


I only had the green bias tape in a wide tape, and I found it much harder to apply smoothly around such tight curves.


This a a nice bib for a little girl since it has pink binding and backing.

The baby gift box is about 3/4 full now, so I might try making a little dress or two.

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