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Baby Gift Box

My goal is to have a box set aside full of handmade baby items ready to be used for gifts for new babies or baby showers.  This would do away with the last minute rush to finish up a project in time.  So far I have knit 4 sweaters and tried to crochet some baby booties.  For some reason my efforts at crocheting baby footwear were a failure since the little booties turned out way way too big.  This made me think about a pair of booties I made years ago from flannel and i-cord:Flannel BootiesI don’t remember what pattern I used for these and can’t seem to find it (not surprising since the ‘baby’ is now in her thirties), so I went looking for another pattern and found this at J0Ann’s:

Fullscreen capture 4192014 81702 PMI’ve already made about three yards of i-cord for the ties, and there are lots of flannel scraps in the sewing room.  I might also sew up some little dresses and little shirts in Size 1 or 2 to add to the box.

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