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In order to kick-start the sewing mojo, it’s good to do a simple project.  My stash of knit fabrics is rather large so I pulled some out and cut out a few of my TNT T-shirts.  My pattern, Butterick 4507, is old and well worn.



The first shirt I made from this pattern years ago was too wide and too short and rode up in the front.  Simple shirts like this often wear shorter in the front because the fabric has to go over the bust.  To fix this problem, I put on the first version and looked in the mirror so that I could see a side view.  I measured the distance between the level of the back and the level of the front which was about an inch or inch and a half.  In other words, I measured how much it hiked up in the front.

Then I altered the pattern by adding the additional length to the center front and drawing a gentle slope to the side seams with a flat area in the center front.  The left side shows the original pattern and the altered version is on the right.

DSC00425You don’t want to start the slope at the center or the front will be pointed.  Here’s how it looks on the cut-out front (ignore how wrinkly it has gotten waiting for me to sew it):

DSC00430I have also made the neckline a little higher and the sleeves a little longer in some versions.  Depending on how much knit fabric is available, there will sometimes be a seam up the center back or center front in order to make the pattern fit on the fabric. I cut out this pink flowered knit with a seam up the center front so the flower border will be mirrored, and then cut another shirt out of a royal blue knit.  I have about 15 yards of the royal blue knit so need to think of things to sew out of it.

DSC00431I plan to start on these as soon as I finish up the hot pink handbag, but I seem to have sewing block in regards to the bag so it is slow going.  Maybe I will get motivated this weekend.

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