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Spring Colors

Last year, the color of the year was emerald, but the sweater I was making did not get finished in time for me to be trendy, but maybe I will sew on the buttons today and pretend I was trendy.DSC00363This year, the color of the year is Radiant Orchid.  I think I may have a t-shirt this color.

Fullscreen capture 1202014 84007 AM

Here are the other colors for spring for women:Fullscreen capture 1202014 83258 AMFullscreen capture 1202014 122852 PM-001

And for men:

Fullscreen capture 1202014 83231 AM

Nothing too exciting or different this year.  I like the Cayenne color, but that toothpaste green (Hemlock??) has never been one of my favorites.

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Window Shopping

Now that the bad old year is gone and a new year of opportunity has begun, I would like to try and get the sewing mojo back in gear.  Over Christmas I did manage to hem two tablecloths for one present and to make pajama pants for each daughter.  The truth is that we are having a really cold winter and it is often too cold to sit down and sew in the bedroom.  That sounds like a pretty good excuse so I’ll run with that one.

I have noticed the gaps in my own wardrobe this past year, especially during the holiday season.  I need some more dressy tops and blouses for the holiday office parties and holiday entertaining.  I really just need lots of more-flattering tops.  A lot of the office parties involve an out-of-town location which means the outfit has to be comfortable enough for a longish drive and the shoes have to be comfortable enough to walk a bit in, sometimes from the parking garage to the party location, and sometimes, like in San Francisco, down a hill and up a hill.  My usual uniform for these events is a dressy black coat, dressy black slacks, black SAS shoes that won’t kill my feet, and a dressy blouse or top.  Everyone has already seen all 3 of my dressy blouses multiple times, so I need to make something new.  I’d also like to try making some fun jackets to wear when the occasion is not as casual as my usual life.  Here’s a jacket I love that I saw in the Pendleton store window:

DSC00250What I like about this:  a fun fabric, the empire styling, 3/4 sleeves, and the chance to use some interesting home dec fabric.

I’ve also been thinking about what I call my “old lady wardrobe” which I want to have for my elderly years.  I want to have lots of colorful cardigans, comfortable pants, coordinating tops, sheath and shift dresses which also work with the cardigans, comfortable shoes, Mexican dresses, Mexican tops, and lots of color, color, color.  I don’t plan to be elderly for a decade or two or three so I have lots of time to get these things sewn, I hope.

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