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Busy Fall

In addition to the usual preparations for winter (such as it is in sea-level California), I am trying out food preservation ideas I have never tried before.  For example, since I read somewhere that you don’t have to pull the green onions up to harvest them but can just snip them off a little above the ground (then the plant grows back!!), I still have a nice stand of onions out there.  I found out that you can slice them up and freeze them so I am going to try that before the frost gets them.  I also have lots and lots of basil out there in spite of all the pesto I have made, so I want to find out if I can freeze the leaves by themselves.DSC00337

Sewing has been lagging a bit, but I am still working on another handbag:

DSC00334It’s starting to come together and look like something, but these things take a long time to sew since they have a lot of detail work.  Now I have to do the zipper unit and start the end assembly.  Today I am taking the day off from the purse and will be cutting out some tops.

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