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Here are the new colors for fall:

Fullscreen capture 7282013 42316 PM

This amused me because of that last color, Turbulence.  I kept seeing a really dark gray yarn at the store and accidentally forgot I already had that color, so due to my purchasing amnesia, I now have enough yarn for three sweaters in the stash.  I already made some of it  into a Fair Isle sweater, but will make two more, one a cardigan and one a pullover.  And look, I will be in fashion (a rare occurrence)!

I think that the name you give a color should give SOME hint of what color it is, and Vivacious and Samba do not.  Turbulence is a little cutesy.

In sewing news, I have some alterations to do for one of the daughters and a sock to mend, but mostly at the moment I am interested in sewing some new bags for me.  My usual handbag is approaching disintegration so I need to get busy.  I really like messenger bags out of striking fabrics like these from JHFabricCreations on Etsy (the handbags in this shop are gorgeous!)

Fullscreen capture 7282013 43739 PM Fullscreen capture 7282013 44402 PMI like a bag with a front flap and lots of pockets.  I need the strap to be adjustable so I’ll have to figure out how to do that.  I have lots of decorator fabrics in the stash that would be good for this.  I have made lots of bags for the daughters but not many for myself.  Now that I have been using Polyvore for awhile, I see that having a bag wardrobe and a shoe wardrobe could be fun.

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Two days ago it was 111 degrees in the shade, and yesterday it was 102.  Not so bad yet today:

DSC00224The temperature will go up, it’s only noon.  I am keeping cool, somewhat, by sewing with my little fan on the sewing table.  I’m working on another top for M from New Look 6871 while listening to a Nora Roberts book-on-tape.Fullscreen capture 6132012 44531 PMThe yoke has been installed and now I am doing the topstitching, then all that is left is to do the armhole binding and hem.  Tops that don’t have buttons or zippers go really fast.DSC00225

The garden has been growing like crazy the last three weeks.  Here are some comparison pictures:

DSC00204June 8

Garden July 1, 2013July 1

I am amazed at my basil crop this year.  It is the best I have ever ever done with this herb.  I’ve already made many batches of pesto and frozen it in small containers, and the basil just sends out new growth.  It is my goal to add to our groceries and to raise enough food to help other people, too.  After I put up enough plums in the freezer to make jam next winter when it is cooler, we gave over 100 pounds of plums and produce to the Food Bank, and some to other relatives and friends.  All this out of my modest back yard.  That winter squash has reached the top of the chain link fence and invaded the neighbor’s yard.  Maybe the neighbor kids will get a pumpkin of their own.  I did plant a lot of peppers but don’t remember which variety, so that is a happy surprise for another day.

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