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So far, I have two TNT patterns for tops for M that I can just cut out and sew without any fitting.  I use features of both patterns to fit new patterns.  The first success was New Look 6027.  Many of the New Look patterns have a shaped back seam that keeps these tops from looking too loose.  I often transfer the back curve of 6027 to other patterns.  I have made lots of these and am still playing around with the pattern.Fullscreen capture 5162013 82535 AM

My second success was NL 6871.  The back of this one lacks a seam, so I added one using the previous pattern as a guide for shaping.

Fullscreen capture 6132012 44531 PMNow M would like a top with a scoop neckline and gathers.  I hunted around in the pattern drawers and found this:

Fullscreen capture 5162013 81034 AM

This pattern should be easy to alter, but I need to find some lightweight cottons with good drape.  Or some knits.

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No Sewing Today

Right now there are three sweaters in the works on the knitting machine and on the couch, so no sewing has been done so far this week.  Still some playing around with Polyvore, though.  Here are two new outfits I dreamed up.

Fullscreen capture 5152013 35222 PM

I must have been hungry when I made this one.  It reminds me of my mom’s old molcajete that was made out of volcanic rock.  We used to help her make the salsa by mashing the garlic in it, but after many years the stone started to wear out from use and would deposit stone fragments in the salsa.  I wish I still had it as a momento, but I think they threw it out after that.  Look at the embroidery on that blouse!  This is a San Antonio blouse and the embroidery is usually done in a shiny thread.  If you would like to see many pretty examples of Mexican clothing, go to this link:  http://www.elinterior.com/clothing_womens.html.

Fullscreen capture 5152013 35309 PMThis bright tunic top reminded me of the Mercado in San Antonio, Texas.  Whenever we went there to visit the oldest daughter in college, we would be sure to stop by this wonderful, brightly-colored marketplace downtown.

The garden is coming along slowly this year because of the busy tax season and because we are not spring chickens anymore so it takes longer to dig everything up.  So far I have the cucumbers, tomatoes, and some peppers planted.  Most of the rest of the plants are still little in their flats, but the winter squash are big enough to set out.  The dead-looking wisps in the front flat are the resurrection lily starts that die back after some spring growth.

Seedlings on May 10

DSC00173My cucumbers!  About 40 plants (including about three winter squash for the fun of it) are packed into a small space.  I get those great drip hoses from WalMart.  They are made of some nylon-type fabric and last much better than the plastic or rubber drip hoses.

So that’s what’s going on this week.  Perhaps I will go in and sew a seam or two to jumpstart the mojo.

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My daughter got me started on Polyvore, and not only is it fun, but I think it helps develop your fashion sense.  It is showing me that I have more fashion sense than I thought I had, though my daughters might disagree.  Since I like Mexican peasant blouses, I decided to make a few outfits using these blouses.Fullscreen capture 572013 94325 AM

Blouse – elinterior.com;  shoes – remixvintageshoes.com;  bag – Dolce & Gabbana;  pants – L.L. Bean

I just love the shoes from Re-mix , and maybe I can save up enough money someday to get some.  The purse is great, but at $2,170 is out of my league, though a crocheted tote bag in cotton would look just as good and would take the price down to about $20.

Fullscreen capture 572013 94151 AMBlouse – elinterior.com;  shoes – remixvintageshoes.com;  hat and pants – L.L. Bean;  bag – net-a-porter.com.

This striped tote bag costs over $200, but again, crochet can be your friend.

Now some sad news:  this top, one of my daughter’s favorites (I sewed it for her last year) met an untimely end in a department store when my daughter was picking up a bottle of nail polish to purchase.  The bottle top had not been put back on securely, apparently, and when she picked the bottle up by the cap, the bottle fell from the cap, splashing this poor top all down the front.  Of course, nail polish stains are the worst, so the top is now out of commission permanently.  She tells me that the store admitted it was their fault right away and will make restitution, because not only her blouse but her shoes were hit, too.  Fashion disasters can happen to the best of us.


Yellow Top,  2012 – 2013

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