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I’m on a roll this week!  Three tops sewn, and I think this one is my favorite.




New Look 6871 is the gift that keeps on giving.  So easy to sew, with no zippers, buttons, or fancy construction.

Not sure what I will sew next, but I am about to go look through the patterns.

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Another Cotton Top

The last New Look 6871 I sewed was in July of last year.  Fullscreen capture 6132012 44531 PMEvery time I make one of these I am impressed with the drafting.  Of course, I did redraft the back myself, using the back seamline of New Look 6027, but it just really goes together fast and fits great.  It looks great on everyone from a skinny petite to a plus size.   This one is from the mustard, gray and cream print that looks like a computer printout or a mosaic.  M has a gray sweater cardigan that will look good with this, and if I am remembering right, she has a nice yellow necklace, too.  Not one hand stitch was done on this, hallelujah.


I am always pleased with how nicely the armholes fit in this pattern.


I had cut this out a few days ago, but I didn’t start sewing it until this morning.  I sewed off and on and finished it up by 2:00 in the afternoon.  So a quick sew, even with all the topstitching I did, bias binding, understitching, lined yoke, etc.  DSC00076This should be a very useful top in M’s wardrobe since with layering and accessories it can go to the office, but it can be very casual, too.  Of course, this top looks fabulous in striking prints (like the yellow and black I made last time), but this more quiet print still looks great in person though not so much in a photo.

Some people only use a pattern one time and are then on to the next one.  When I have been successful getting a pattern to fit well, I like to use it many times.  The fabric you use will change the appearance of the garment so much that no one will notice, and you can also use trims and embroidery.

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This spate of new cotton tops for M is the result of a sale at JoAnn’s this past week.  For some reason, I had blue thread on the machine (Elna SU) so made this one up first.  I have made this pattern with machine embroidery on the yoke, applied lace around the yoke, lace fabric used for the yoke, and with embroidered tucks.  This time I went for plain narrow tucks and some decorative buttons.

DSC00071You can see the tucks better in this photo.  Aside from the showing off aspect of putting up pictures of things you have sewn, it turns out to be really useful, too.  I haven’t sewn one of these in awhile, so couldn’t remember if I topstitched this or that, so I was able to pull up the picture and zoom in to the area I was wondering about.  I am a big fan of topstitching.  It gives a nice, crisp appearance, and it keeps the garment in the shape you want.  It makes ironing easier, and makes the garment look more professional.  I find topstitching easy because of the many dishtowels my grandmother made me hem in my youth.

There was a button clearance at some store years ago and I bought most of the marked-down items.  They were only about 25 cents a card.  These taupe-colored buttons have been in the stash since then and suited this top perfectly.  People call you a hoarder if your stash is too big, but there’s no doubt that having a good stash is very useful.  Saves on gasoline, too, since you don’t have to run to the store for notions or fabric all the time.

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Spring has sprung.  At least, it has sprung between bouts of freezing weather, but it’s still too early to start my seeds.  I was a little surprised to see these daffodils blooming in the front garden bed though.

DSC00066Yesterday I had a cutting-out fest and managed to get three tops ready for the machine.  The two on the left will be mostly plain, but I put some tucks into the yoke front of the blue New Look 6027.   That one will be sewn first for the simple reason that the blue thread is still on the machine.

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