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Wardrobe Additions

Not much (or any) sewing has been going on because I am in a knitting phase.  When the computer broke, I started knitting one sweater after another and haven’t stopped yet.  Pretty soon I will start in again making clothes for myself and the girls, but right now the knitting force is with me.  Here’s what I’ve done so far:

Fall 2012 Sweaters

Most of them are cardigans with 3/4-length sleeves, but when I get tired of sewing on buttons, I make a pullover.  The royal blue cardigan is in progress right now, but no matching buttons turned up and have to be purchased.  I also realized that it would be nice to have some skirts to wear with my cute cardigans, and I have none.  Also have no sheath dresses or shirtwaist dresses.  What I need to sew is becoming clearer all the time.

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