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Last Day of 2012

My resolutions for the new year are simple:  I have none.  No plans or goals, just creating what I want when I want with no deadlines, schedules, or wish lists.  So relaxing.

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Christmas Breakfast

The younger daughter wanted to make a casserole for Christmas breakfast, so I got the ingredients ahead of time.  It was the most delicious brunch/breakfast dish I’ve ever had, so I will record the recipe here for future reference.

Brown and drain 1 lb of ground pork breakfast sausage and spread it in a 9 x 13″ baking dish

Cover the sausage with 2 cups of grated cheddar cheese

Beat together 4 eggs and 2 cups milk and pour over the cheese and sausage.

Cover the casserole with 2 lb of tater tots

Bake at 350 degrees for 35 – 45 minutes.

Cool 5 – 10 minutes before serving.



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More Wardrobe Ideas

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The daughter and I have been talking about polka dot tops lately.

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Pantone says that these are the fashion colors for next spring.  I don’t like grayed colors, but at least most of these are bright.  Lime green!  Bright yellow! Red!  I know that I like the strange color names they had in the past, but it is annoying if you can’t even tell what the color is from the name (tender shoots = dumb).  Even if the name is stupid, I love that color.  I just made a sweater in the African Violet color oddly enough.

I went out shoe shopping this week for a pair of plain black flats that were comfortable enough to wear to the company office party where you stand around for hours and sometimes have to park quite a distance away and walk to get there.  I couldn’t find any plain shoes anywhere.  My last pair lasted for about 15 years but now hurt my feet, so time to invest in a new pair.  Oh wait, I did see a pair of black flats at a fancy department store, but $200 is too steep for me this year.  I finally did what I usually do and went to SAS.  The flats have a strap making them look like a girlish Mary Jane shoe, but since I always wear black slacks to these events, only the toes will show.  And the comfort level is sky high.  The unfashionable strap also makes them easier to walk a long way in.  I am not a person who likes to shop.  In addition, the shoe has the same name as my grandmother.

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My computer died a month ago, and it took awhile to get back online.  Now we are trying to recover all our programs and such.  Should be back with more posts soon though.

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