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I usually just see a length of fabric and decide what to sew, and usually don’t think in terms of wardrobe plans.  Having recently run across this blog,


I’m starting to think a hit and miss sewing plan isn’t as useful as a more planned approach.  With this in mind, my daughter introduced me to Polyvore, and it is fun to put together outfits and refine your fashion style.  I don’t have much of a fashion style, so maybe I should work on developing one.  Anyhow, here is my first effort:

This one was actually for my daughter, who said she would really like a navy top with white polka dots.  We both love mustard yellow and like to use it as accents.

This one is for me.  The sweater is just a color representation of a turquoise sweater I am knitting at the moment.  Let’s see, in order to put this outfit together with the sweater I am knitting, I would need to acquire the top, shoes, pants, bag, earrings, and scarf.  So not a present possibility, but just something to think about.

Right now there is a loud metallic grinding hum that is coming out of the neighbors’ backyard.  The city workers are threading new pipe lines across the neighborhood and lucky us, our yard is where they are digging up and doing the work.  So far there are only flags and markers in our side front yard, so maybe the neighbors will end up having the digging done.

This year for the first time, we did some fall planting.  Yesterday we set out some cabbages, chard, and beets.  You can never tell whether the weather will chill down and kill everything or whether we will have months of semi-warm weather , so this is a gamble.  At least the garden looks a little better with some of the old crops pulled out.  All that’s left out there are many winter squash and surprisingly, lots of tomatoes.

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Korean MiniSeries

There hasn’t been any sewing going on this week yet, but I have been crocheting and watching Dae Jang Geum, a wonderful Korean miniseries.  Our cable lineup includes the local channels that show different foreign programming.  Of course, we have about half a dozen Spanish-language channels, but two other channels show Asian shows from China, Taiwan, Japan and Korea.  I’ve been watching Japanese shows for about 25 years, but I hadn’t watched any Korean shows until my dad told me about this one.  I went over to his house one day and he was watching it.  I think he liked it at first because the start of the series shows the main character as a little girl, and the actress is the cutest little girl I’ve ever seen.  My dad had three daughters whom he loved very much, so that is probably what got him hooked on the show.  As the story progresses, the character goes into training in the royal kitchens (this takes place in the early 1500’s) so the whole show is a foodie delight.  The costumes are fabulous, too.  When my dad introduced me to the show, they were several episodes along in the story, so I was thrilled to discover that I could get the show from Netflix.  I finally got to see the start and understand the backstory.

The only bad part about watching a show with subtitles is that you can’t really sew while it is playing since you have to keep your eyes on the screen.  That is why my crochet projects are moving right along and my sewing is stagnating.  Also, it’s hard to sew when it is 100 degrees outside.  The weather site says we are headed towards cooler weather, so there may be some fall sewing in my future.


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Fall Chores Finished

We had a busy week last week cleaning up from one of my husband’s construction projects so no sewing got done.  I kept busy with a bunch of beginning-of-fall chores that are usually spread out over a month or weeks but which this year all fell within two days.  I had the main house drain cleaned out (we have a big tree whose roots clog the drain every year or two so we get the drain cleaned out once a year),  I had the yearly heater check, the building inspector did the final construction check,  and a shower door was installed.  Then the next day my nephew arrived to do some painting so he helped out with the yearly roof check (I climb up on the roof and he holds the ladder).  Mostly I check to make sure those blasted squirrels and raccoons haven’t done anything to the roof.  You’d think we lived out in the country instead of ordinary suburbia.

Below are the two old wine bottles the construction guys found underneath the bathtub.  They told us that they often find this sort of thing under bathtubs, usually a 6-pack with 5 empties and 1 full bottle.  One guy said he has seen the 6-pack hundreds of times.  I wonder what it means in construction-guy culture?

Now we can relax and get on with the fun projects.  I want to set up some of my old sewing machines and make something with them.  Which reminds me, I was at the Hope Chest thrift shop today, and they had two old sewing machines for only $20 each.  Both were in cabinets and one was an old rotary machine (forgot the brand) and the other was a really spiffy looking Elgin.  Too bad I don’t have room for any more machines.

I finished up the crocheted sweater I was making during the construction project, and now my carry-along project is an African Flower afghan.  I really need to make some nice-looking tops for me to wear with jeans, and maybe a nice jacket or two.  Also, the season for sewing flannel pajama pants is soon to arrive, though you’d never know it from the 100 degree temperatures outside today.  The poor kids must be sweltering in their schoolrooms.

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