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I usually go to the thrift store in Sebastopol every two months or so, and today I hit the jackpot.  Not only did I find some new cones of Maxi-lock thread, some 6000-yard cones of Dual Duty thread (for 75 cents each), but I found this in brand new condition:

I’ve heard a lot about this book, about how great a reference it is, but it is out of print except for the e-book form sold by Taunton Press, and the books for sale online range from $40 to $150.  I was delighted to see it on the shelf at the thrift store.  I paid about $1 for it.

I also got a really old Singer 121795 black buttonholer that will be fun to try out.  The manual was easily found online.

On the way home, though, I was headed down a pretty two-lane country road that carries quite a bit of traffic on weekdays.  There was a huge truck in front of me and a police car behind me.  The traffic was moving along under the speed limit.  All of a sudden, the cop lights came on and he signaled me to pull over.  “Oh, no!!” I thought.  I wondered what on earth I could have done wrong.  Traffic tickets in this area are extremely, horribly expensive.  I pulled over as soon as I found a spot, and a miracle occurred as the police car sped past me and pulled over the truck.  He just wanted me out of his way.  Hallelujah!  That could have been a very expensive trip to the thrift store.

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My TV Table Yarn Caddy

A long time ago, the spouse and I bought this rocker from the All West Crafts Fair in Harper’s Ferry,  West Virginia.  I remember how the spouse and his dad went back to the fair after dropping his mom and I off at home, and then they drove home with the chair tied to the roof of our little blue Toyota.  It is the most comfortable rocker ever, so I like to sit in it while doing needlework and watching TV.  I usually have a folding TV table next to me to hold my equipment, but I am always bumping it and knocking everything off onto the floor.  What I needed was something to hold the yarn so it wouldn’t roll away.

I don’t really put the chair and table right in the center of the room, but I moved it for picture purposes.  While hunting around for a fabric to use,  I found a brown and white decorator fabric that was intended to be a skirt for A.  It flunked her fashion approval,  so it has been waiting in the fabric pile for me to think of some use for it.  To start,  I needed a pattern for the table top.  After putting a big piece of butcher paper on the table,  I ran a pencil around the edge and then cut out the pattern while reminding myself I needed to add seam allowances.

Pockets were added to the front to hold the skein of yarn and maybe the remote.  There are box pleats at the bottom of the pockets to make it easy for the yarn skeins to fit.

Here’s an action shot with my current crochet project:

This table caddy only took about two hours to make,  mostly because I knocked over a container of safety pins and they fell behind the sewing machine and into the bookshelves and took forever to clean up.

I found a gadget at the thrift store that holds books up so that you can read them without holding them, so I am going to use that to hold my instructions.  It will fit nicely on the table top.

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Labor Day Weekend

JoAnn is having a sale this weekend, so I picked up several patterns.  One is a top pattern that will be tried out for M since I think it would look good with a cardigan for the office, and one reminded me of A, who likes fruit and vegetable motifs.

The top is Vogue 8816.

I don’t know what you would do with these craft items, but they’re pretty:

I finished my hemming chores and went on to thinking about the next project.  In the meantime, the spouse has finally picked all the pears, and we are waiting to see if they ripen up properly.  Every year we have to guess at when to pick them, sometimes successfully, but mostly not.  The weather is different every year, but somehow my dad always knew when to pick his pears.  I just don’t have the touch, I guess.

I threw a few apples into the bags to help the pears to ripen.  Who knows, it might just work.

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