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It’s time to make some more dresses for a little girl.  I want to try some more embroidered Mexican dress ideas, but the weather is very cold this year, here in California and in the Midwest where the little girl lives.  She is at the age where the idea of wearing anything but a dress is a crime against femininity, so I want to make some dresses that are warmer.  Ideas so far are long sleeves, and an attached slip to add a layer of warmth.  Lots of little girls hate the idea of wearing a slip, but if it is part of the dress, especially if it has some frills or ruffles, it wins approval.  The slip would be cut from the same pattern as the skirt portion of the dress and attached to the yoke with the main fabric, though the rest of it will hang free.

Here’s the pattern, McCalls 5695:

The short puffed sleeves are cute, too.

Pockets could be added to the front:

Here’s a yoke with ribbons and an embroidery motif:

The little girl these dresses are for loves ribbons, lace and sparkle.  I saw some really pretty sparkle buttons in the fabric store on sale for half off, but while I was standing in line for the cashier, I read the back of the button card and saw that the instructions say the buttons could not be washed or dry cleaned.  This is so ridiculous that I put the buttons back.  What good are buttons that can’t ever go through the wash?  What are the manufacturers thinking?

Embroidery motifs for a little dress include hearts, butterflies, flowers, and unfortunately, not robots.  I have some really colorful and fun robot designs.  Fabrics could be a soft corduroy, soft denim, linen blends, and maybe even velvet.

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For me, this has been the year of machine embroidery.  I am still loving the fun of it, and of course, it’s all about the color.  The blouse embroidered with the Brother card is finally finished.

This blouse is made from this pattern, and I rounded the inner corners of the square neckline:

And embroidered with this design card on my Bernette Deco 500:

The yokes are lined with the same fabric, a white 100% cotton.  The  fabric needs to be a little bit drapier, but will soften up with washing, I hope.

These designs are very attractive with their chain-stitch look and texture.

Next week is Thanksgiving, and it would be nice to make a few things ahead, except that there’s not much room in the freezer or refrigerator.  For which I should give thanks that we live such a blessed life to have so much food in my house that there is not room for more.

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