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There are a few new projects in the works.  The top I started some months ago is in construction.  This will be a Mexican peasant top, but it needed some crochet around the neckline which was finished yesterday.

This time I started with buttonhole stitch around the neckline as a base for the crochet, each stitch about 3/16″ apart.  I looked up some old edging patterns and adapted one.  First I crocheted a row of sc (about 2 sc in each buttonhole stitch space), then a row of 4 ch loops attached in every 3rd sc, then a row of ( 2 sc, ch3, 2 sc, ch3, 2 sc, ch3, 2 sc then sc in next loop).  The thread was DMC Cebelia 20 and the hook was a size 7.

This makes an edging about the right width and delicate enough not to detract from the embroidery design.

One of the things I like the best about using embroidery on clothing is the combining of colors.  Here’s a practice piece for a top using some tan fabric from the stash.  Lots of colors look good on tan, but I wanted to try out coral and gray since my daughter has some gray sweaters.  She showed me how good these tops look with a little sweater cardigan layered on top for fall wear.

Our weather is finally (!) getting cooler, so maybe some more flannel sewing is in the future.

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More Embroidery Practice

I felt like trying out some new-to-me embroidery designs today.  First on deck was this one which I bought myself for a birthday present from Oregon Patch Works:

My machine (Bernette Deco 500, about 10-15 years old, I think) has a 4″ design field which is about the right size for embellishment on clothing.  I keep trying to think of ways to use corner designs since I seem to have accumulated quite a few.  This design is stitched in Maxi-Lock thread in a variegated red for the flowers with pink centers, and a variegated green for the leaves.  I love the way this one turned out.

The next design is from the designer, Designs in Stitches, and is a free sample from their Simply Daisies collection.  This one would look great on a yellow little-girl dress.  The set it comes from has all sorts of related designs, corners, leaves, etc.

In food news, there was a potluck at church and I was assigned to bring bread or rolls.  My day got away from me so I just made a big loaf  of bread in the breadmaker and cut it into thick slices.  Just before I left for the meeting, I decided to make a spread for the bread, hopefully a little lower in fat than the usual butter or margarine would be.  Here’s what I made up, which I am recording here because it turned out very well and was a success at the potluck (not all my inventions are successful, so it’s nice to be able to report one that was).

Strawberry Bread Spread :  I put a big spoonful of I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Light in the food processor.  Then in went a spoonful of strawberry jam (about half the amount of the ICBINB or a little more), 2 of the small wedges of Laughing Cow Light cheese, about 1 Tablespoon of coconut flour (which soaks up extra fluid, hopefully, since the light spreads have more moisture in them), and a few drops of raspberry extract.  I processed it all until almost smooth, put it in a serving container, and went off to the potluck.  At least 5 people asked for the recipe, so that is a good sign for a successful recipe.

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Rooster Apron

Not sure if the big wide pocket will be useful or annoying, but I like the roosters.   It certainly is handy having lots of aprons in the drawer though.

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There is still some lingerie that needs to be finished up, but an apron is calling out to me to be made up.  The white apron I just completed has been put to use already, so, when I saw that there was just enough left of the sheet to make another one, I cut one out.  There’s going to be a big pocket across the front, and it is a good opportunity to try out a new embroidery design.  This design is actually a free sample from Oregon Patch Works.  It’s located in ‘Roosters Rule The Roost DOW’ and the designer is A Vintage Touch.  I used my BuzzEdit software to flip it horizontally so I could put two roosters on the pocket facing each other:

A Vintage Touch has designs that mimic the look of hand embroidery.  My mom really liked, and collected, chicken and rooster designs, so this apron pocket will remind me of her.

The pocket is quite long, but I folded it in the middle so I could take a picture of both roosters.  You can see the wash-away marker I used to help with the hooping.  Hooping is pretty difficult for me, but I am getting better at it.

My sister-in-law loved the squirrel apron!

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