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Embroidery Practice

I wanted to see if you can do machine embroidery on nylon tricot or  netting, so I sewed up a few samples.  Surprisingly, tricot is easy to embroider, but netting is iffy.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it is a royal mess.  After this little experiment, I just stitched up a few new designs:

This is one of the designs from Gunold Heirloom Corners 3.  That set has the prettiest designs.

This one is from a set called Redwork Bird Couple from Oregon Patch Works.  These designs have a Pennsylvania Dutch look to them that would look cute on aprons and kitchen accessories.  It looks great stitched in red, but I was too lazy to change the thread.

This one is so pretty and much easier than doing the cross stitch by hand.  A row of these would look very appropriate across the yoke of a Mexican top.  It is called Geometric Cross Stitch Set 1, also from Oregon Patch Works.  I used 5 colors, one of which was multi-colored.  This is the first machine cross stitch I have tried.

The reason I as experimenting with tricot was so that I can embroider a bit of lace for the top of a slip or camisole.  I’ll have to see if that works out because sometimes the embroidery makes the fabric heavier than you want it to be.

While all the uber-hyped rain is falling in the east, we are having hot, sunny weather.  I am tired of the heat, but hopefully fall is just around the corner.

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After finishing the denim skirt, I started practicing for sewing some lingerie for M.  Luckily, I have been buying and stashing lingerie patterns since it was a popular sewing fad in the 70’s.  It’s a lot harder to get supplies now but I have been ordering findings and accessories from Sew Sassy and some elastic from Home Sew. Here’s some links:



Today I want to show an interesting vintage pattern I picked up in a thrift shop recently.

The person who owned this pattern glued newspaper clippings to the outside of the mailing envelope .  The pattern inside is for the embroidery-decorated housedress, 3867.This is either a cute sundress/housedress or a complicated apron.  The embroidery designs are nice:

I think I would like to improve my housedress wardrobe to look a little more bright and cheerful around the house.

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Back In My Native Land

My husband had a conference in Vancouver, B.C., so we were gone about 10 days, driving up there and back.  I got to stop at antique stores in Oregon and Washington, and I got quite a few vintage patterns.

We took the early ferry back to Vancouver after a few days in Victoria, and this is the sunrise.  That ferry ride is easily one of the most beautiful sights of my life.

My MIL visited Victoria once years ago and told us to be sure and see Butchart Gardens, which we did.  We got there early and were the first people through the gate on a lovely morning.  That is another seriously beautiful place, and the history is interesting, too.

Lastly, here is a fruitilicious dress I saw in a shopping arcade in Vancouver.  I think the fabric was stretchy, and the seaming is interesting.  How I wish I could fit in a dress this cute.

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