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Continuing my adventures in machine embroidery, yesterday I stopped by a local thrift store and found this for $1:

Who else would go to the thrift store and find an embroidery design CD in excellent condition that probably cost originally around $50 or more for only a dollar?  Why me, of course!  I put it into my Buzzsize program and reduced the size of the designs to fit my machine, and here’s how one turned out:

Not too bad for practically free.

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Trying New Things

We had lots of family obligations the last two weeks, but now I am sewing again.  Well, actually, I have been having fun trying new embroidery designs.  I learned how to download free designs from the internet, store them away in the proper file, and how to purchase designs and download those.  There are certainly lots of gorgeous designs available out there.  My machine has a 4×4 size field, and this works well for me since I only embroider garments so far.  I like the pretty corner designs that people use for linens, etc., but I am trying to figure out how I can use them for yokes of Mexican tops or around necklines.  I ordered some designs from The Embroidery Library, and was very pleased at their speed and efficiency.  Here’s one of the designs I got:

This one will work around the neckline of a yoke, and it has a nice folk art look.

The two blue workshirts are almost finished.  I have the buttonholes in one of them and need to put the buttonholes on the other.  After that, I can be a couch potato and sew the buttons on whilst watching DVDs.

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Spring 2011

Not much sewing is going on lately because I have been busy planting the vegetable garden.  Our backyard is gradually becoming a little farm, but I like being able to give vegetables and fruit away to people who enjoy them in addition to keeping our freezer full.  As the years go by, the variety of things I grow gets smaller as I stick to what works and give up on what doesn’t.  This year I am growing cucumbers, tomatoes, beans, basil, carrots, beets, onions, herbs, winter and summer squashes, and lots of flowers.

Here’s a view inside my little, inexpensive cold frame.  I start most of my plants from seed because it is so much cheaper that way, and because I like babies, even baby plants.  The cold frame was one of those plastic pop-up kind, and the plastic did not last long in our strong sunlight, only about two years.  The heavy wire frame itself is a nice shape and size, so I just cut a piece of clear plastic sheeting and fastened it down to the frame with clothespins.  Worked fine.  One of these days I am going to have to make a plastic sheet slipcover for the thing, but that mojo hasn’t struck yet.

The buttonholes still need to be sewn in the blue shirt for A, and then I am going to change that shirt pattern around a little and move the princess seams to the shoulder to see how that fits.  I also still need to take a week and sit down and figure out my serger because I have plans for it.

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