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This machine embroidery is addictive.  I have been practicing different designs and working on the new Mexican peasant blouse a little.

Here’s the front yoke all cut out and ready to go.  I am not sure what fabric this is.  At first I thought it was an IKEA sheet, but now I am thinking it is some cotton yardage I had in the stash.

The sewing machine shop sold me an embroidery card and told me it would work in my machine, but not so much.  Fortunately, I found that when I loaded the program into my Buzzbox, I could transfer the designs to that card and make it work for me.  The designs above are from Brother Card #23.

This morning glory design is one of the designs that are programmed into the machine.  My daughter has a really pretty morning glory variety that blooms at her place every year, so I am going to put this design on a shirt for her using the deep blue/hot pink colors of her morning glories.

Last year I made a shirt for A for which I made about 3 muslins until I got it to fit well.  I have finally finished a pattern for a first-try collar and stand  and 3/4 sleeves with gusset and cuffs, so I am ready to cut that out.  I decided not to try fixing up another pattern for her since it was so much work fixing this one up, so I will just use other patterns to get the different styles I may want to try and frankenstein them onto this shirt pattern.  The original pattern had darts, but I changed it to princess seamlines, so I need to see if that works.

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Here’s my first attempt at using more than one motif, rehooping and trying to get the designs to end up in the right place.  Not too bad, but room for improvement.  Now that the embroidery is done, I can cut out the blouse pieces and start sewing it together.  It really is fun to produce colorful embroidery in a day instead of two weeks of hand embroidery.  I still like the free-motion embroidery but this is really fun.

I found out that the sewing machine shop in the next town has Embroidery Take-Out.  This is a big catalog, and instead of having to buy a CD of set designs, you can pick and choose the ones you want, and they download it onto a CD for you.  I got a bunch of Japanese crest designs which are great as decoration with an Asian flair, but it  also includes a lot of flower designs I can use on the peasant blouses.  I also need to get some kind of embroidery design transfer system so that I can download the CD designs onto the computer and then transfer them to a card for my machine.  I know my  machine is elderly, tech-wise, but it seems to work great and I like it a lot.

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I finally got up the nerve to put an embroidery card in the machine (Bernette Deco 500) and try it out.  It really is lots easier than I expected, except that the bobbin winding is acting a little wierd, but only whining at the end, so I will just stop winding before that point.   All in all, not bad for a machine I got for free.   I am getting ready to make another Mexican Peasant Blouse.  Here’s the embroidery card I used:

I wanted to try out several things:  will the machine work if I use coned thread rather than spool thread, and will I be able to embroider with Maxi-Lock thread, that inexpensive serger thread that comes in so many gorgeous colors?  The answer to both is yes.

This will be in the center of the yoke front and I will also have white embroidery and a crochet trim.  I’m still working out the design but just wanted to keep trying things on the machine.

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Here’s my first attempt at using the embroidery machine my SIL gave to me.  I still have to work my way through the rest of the manual, but at least I was able to get it to work.  I was using the wrong fabric, the wrong thread, and probably the wrongly applied stabilizer, but it was still sort of successful.

The owl pajama pants went home with their new owner, and now I am working on a shirt pattern for the other daughter.

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Owl Pajamas

I really shouldn’t watch that show, Hoarders, because it makes me want to dash right into the sewing room and clean it all out.  After watching one rerun, I noticed that my stack of vintage knitting and crochet pamphlets has reached the avalance stage, so I am going to have to move it away from near the doorway and into the bookshelves.  This will be a big job and require me to get rid of lots of stuff, so, of course, I am stalling around on the internet.

The project I am currently sewing is shown above.  Isn’t that a cute print?  These will be pajama pants for M, and I have a matching length of fleece to make a bed jacket.  Bed jackets are so practical but seem to have fallen out of style for decades.  Seems to me that everyone sits in bed and reads, at least everyone I know, so a warm bed jacket would be nice.

Well, enough stalling, time to go work on the sewing room.

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