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Skirt Finished

This skirt was tough to hem because the interlining seemed to stick to the outer fabric and each hem stitch had to be taken very carefully so as not to catch the outer fabric.  Other than that, it was really easy to make and fits great.  This is going to be a TNT pattern that is made in lots of different fabrics.  On some skirts with darts, the darts cause the skirt to stick out unattractively, but these do not do that and are nice and flat.

I cut my own bias and did a Hong Kong finish on all the raw edges.  It really makes for a beautiful interior of a garment.  The lining fabric is Symphony broadcloth from Joann.

I used a centered back zipper and put in my usual button tab.  I think that the next skirt I make with this pattern will be in a tan denim.

One interesting technique used in the construction was that the instruction sheet called for gathering threads to be sewn across the top sides from the back darts to the front darts.  The excess fabric is eased in when the top facing is applied.  I thought this would result in a funny-looking top but it is fine and looks very nice when worn.

The pleated skirt has been tried on and the hem measured, so that will be my next project.

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Yesterday I was sewing on the new wool skirt for A when all the power went out with a slight pop.  I jumped up and raced to put on my shoes, ran to the car and sped across town to my elderly relative’s house.  This relative is on oxygen so a power outage is very bad indeed.  I hoped the outage was limited, but the traffic lights were out all across town.  I raced inside the house and switched the relative to the portable tanks, so everything was back to normal, healthwise, when the fire engine and the paramedics showed up.  I had not called them, so it was some sort of technical glitch alarm thing from the oxygen machine alarm going off.  They half unloaded the gurney and swarmed toward the house, only to have me tell them that everything was fine.  They were mildly annoyed but turned around and went back to their trucks after making sure the relative was OK.  And I have to say that firemen look splendid both arriving and departing. A most excellent view.

That pretty much used up the rest of my sewing time, so I sat around and laughed and talked with the relative and waited for the lights to come back on.  Apparently the outage had caused something to go wrong with the refinery over in the next town, but we knew nothing about that until the power came back on about 40 minutes later.  We watched the news about the trouble at the refinery with huge plumes of black smoke rolling across the area, and heard that there was a shelter-in-place order for the next town.  My daughter decided to shelter in place somewhere else and came over to sit with us.  She could see the fires at the refinery from where she lives.  So all ended well, we had a good dinner, then everything was back to normal.

I have the wool skirt all cut out and am working on the darts.  It is a simple A-line skirt and I am underlining it.  The fabric was a 5-yard length of mystery fabric I got off some sale table years ago, so I did a burn test.  It burned vigorously and left no hard beads of melted anything, so I assumed it was some natural fiber, and since it smelled like wet dog when I pressed it, I would say it is wool.

Today I have no errands to run and hopefully no emergencies to handle, so I expect to get a lot done on the skirt.

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Gray Skirt

I just finished cutting out this skirt for A from a dark gray length of mystery fabric.  The fabric has a lot of drape so I am underlining it. Most of the sewing I am doing lately is mending.  I fixed up a pair of pajama bottoms for my dad, adding new elastic, and I sewed up some holes in some old sweatshirts of mine that I wear in the garden.  Those sweatshirts had a little too much air conditioning to be comfortable anymore.

Today was election day.  I went early to vote, and the crowd at the polls is very cheerful today, since we have been waiting a long time for this election.  Then I took my dad to vote and to a doctor appointment, and now I am going to start sewing on the skirt while I watch the election coverage.

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