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I need to get some new peasant tops started since I have been feeling the urge to embroider something, both by hand and by machine.  I should have some new projects cut out soon, though I am still working on the pencil skirts.  The red skirt just needs some finishing up, like the waistband and hem.

Meanwhile, here is a wonderful book I found at the local used-book store:

This is a great book for someone who is interested in patternless fashions with an ethnic feeling.  The book has a plastic sleeve on it so it is hard to read the title information so here is the title page:

This book is from 1984, and even used it was definitely not cheap.  It has lots of pictures and lots of diagrams for dozens of garments.  Here are two garments that I sketched from ideas I got from this book:

The above top is based on a top from India.  The shirt below is based on a shirt from Spain:

I like the way the extra fabric around the neckline is controlled with gathers that attach the body to the neckband.  I’m going to try and adapt the Mexican Peasant Blouse pattern I have been sewing for the younger daughter to try new ethnic styles.

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I was puzzled about the hem on the skirt, since I have never hemmed a kick pleat before.  Here’s how the vintage pattern tells us to do it:

I see that I shouldn’t have been so quick to zigzag the seams.  Now I will have to rip it out for the depth of the hem and press the seam open.  This should make the fold of the pleat crisper.  Live and learn.

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I am working on the red skirt. I am making the kick pleat using the directions in the vintage pattern from the 1950’s that I took the pleat pattern from (and grafted it to my newer pattern). Here’s what the vintage instructions sheet shows:

I extended the interlining all the way across the pleat extension since my fabric is very thin. Here’s how my kick pleat looks so far:

I used a Hong Kong finish on the center back seam to give more support to the zipper:

It is still raining here. I know that last year I complained about the drought, but now I am complaining about the rain. I am ready for some sunshine.

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Blue Pajamas

It’s still raining.  We are so used to years of drought that it seems gloomy and cold and unpleasant.  However, water is eventually a plus.  While it is too wet to go outside, I have been sewing pajamas.

Of course, there’s hardly any light to take pictures by, but at least you can get an idea what they look like.

I’ll have to wait until A comes for a visit to see if the neckline is too high or not, but I don’t think it is.

Now I am off to change the thread on the machine and get started on the pencil skirt muslin.

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Stormy Weather

We are having a rainy, blustery, haily week here in a state noted for its sunshine.  Yesterday was a somewhat loud hailstorm that sounded alarming from inside the house.  You can barely see the hail on the lawn.  I spent the day working on the pajamas and watching the election returns from Massachusetts.  The Scott heard round the world!

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Pencil Skirt Muslin

I found the leftover yardage of some fabric that was originally used to make a vest (if I remember correctly) for my daughter’s Renaissance Faire outfit some years ago, so I decided it might work to make a practice pencil skirt.

The lining is not pink, but is a regular red. I’ll get started sewing this as soon as I finish up the pajamas that are half done.

Look at this pattern that my daughter thought was funny enough to buy:

Accessories for the Wii! I don’t know how useful they would be since I don’t have a Wii, but the idea is funny.

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More Thread

I love Atlanta Thread & Supply. They have a lovely catalog and also a website and wonderful prices, good service, and great sales. I get my cone thread from them, Dual Duty in 6000 yd cones. They also sell Gutermann threads in 1100 yard spools for only $2.95, but if you buy more than 10 spools, the price goes down. Every once in awhile they have a sale with 25% off the order. Here’s what I got this time:

1100 yards goes a long long way. If you sew a lot like I do, it is really worth it to buy the thread in larger spools or cones. I am not affiliated with them in any way, but I do like to spread the word when I am happy with a business.

My younger daughter was visiting this weekend and gave her approval to two fabrics I had in the stash to be used for pencil skirts. One is a brown wool blend and the other is a black and white tweedy fabric. I went to the Joann sale today and used my coupon to buy some Bemberg lining which I have never used before. I have heard that this lining breathes better than other types, so decided to pay the extra price.

Hopefully, spring is right around the corner so soon it will be time to make some more Mexican peasant blouses. My inlaws are going to be having a party for their 65th (!) wedding anniversary this summer so I need to make myself something to wear to that. I want to be thinner by then, but am slow to start on that project. I think I’ll go do my exercises.

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