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Mystery Embroidery Transfer

While cleaning the shelves in the sewing room, I came across a small stack of embroidery transfers from old magazines. This design puzzled both my husband and me. What is it supposed to be??

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Little Girl Pinafore

Here is a pattern from The Sewing Book.  It has a diagram for drafting the pattern and helpful hints for sewing this cute apron/pinafore for a little girl:

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.  We have had a year full of drama, some hardship, and many, many good things to be thankful for – you know, life as usual.  We are having a beautiful fall, too:

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The Sewing Book

On our way home from LA, we stopped in Hanford, a county seat where my husband had spent a summer working in the courthouse during college.  He wanted to see what the town looks like now, so we walked around the charming downtown and looked around the wonderfully cluttered antique store in the IOOF building.  I found a Vogart transfer pattern, some 1940’s Workbasket magazines, and this booklet:

It is missing the cover but all the rest of the pages seem to be there.  This is a wonderful booklet with diagrams for drafting various items of clothing and hints for sewing.

The booklet dates from the early 20’s.  I found the following page very interesting:

I didn’t even know that ladies were wearing hoops under their dress during this time period.  The booklet states, “It was just a little while ago, you’ll remember, that folks said hoops would never come back.  And then they did.  And right away people said they wouldn’t stay.  And now they seem to be here for good-at least so far as dance frocks and party dresses are concerned.”  Well, I don’t think they lasted much longer given the long and lean silhouette of the mid-to-late  twenties.  The booklet also says, “Give your new dance frock the becoming distended hip line.”  First time I ever heard a distended hip line called becoming.

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Trip To LA

The spouse had a conference to attend in LA, so we traveled down there last Wednesday. We brought the in-laws along since they wanted to visit an old friend of theirs in a nearby town. The whole town was just about booked up because of a tech convention but we managed to get a room in a hotel in Little Tokyo. I loved the hotel and the neighborhood. While the spouse was busy with the conference, I was able to walk all around the area and go in the interesting museum, shops, and a restaurant or two. Best of all, the hotel was only a block from Kinokuniya, the Japanese bookstore. The photo above shows a view across the plaza toward Kinokuniya, my favorite bookstore.

When I drove downtown on Friday to pick up the husband from the Sheraton Hotel, where the conference was held, I parked on 8th street and walked around a bit to kill time. I was within walking distance of the FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising). It is really a lovely school and has a store, a bookstore, and a museum. In the school supply store I was able to find something I have always wanted, the Vary Form Curve Rule:

It is very large, but I managed to get it home without denting or bending it. It will be great for pattern drafting.

The museum was having an exhibit called ‘High Style’:

The brochure says that this exhibit “celebrates International Best Dressed Hall of Fame icon Betsy Bloomingdale…who has given more than 125 haute couture ensembles over four decades”. This was a truly fabulous exhibit. The gowns were displayed on mannequins, and you could get right up to them for a close look. I don’t think I will ever get a chance to get that close to a couture gown again. One or two of the gowns were displayed inside out so you could see the construction. The museum was not very crowded when I was there, but students were busy taking notes and sketching. No photos allowed though, unfortunately. A sign down the street says that the FIDM is the West Coast home of Project Runway. I really enjoyed my visit there.

Now that we are back home again, I continue trying to put my sewing room back together.

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Sewing room is still a work in progress, but I have been finding some interesting things. I found a quilt that is 99% complete and just needs the binding. It is a great size for napping on the couch or watching TV, so I should finish it off. It definitely looks like the vintage 80’s item it is, but hey, warmth is never out of fashion.

Today I will show more plates from the Priscilla Juniors’ Cross Stitch Book from 1914.





It’s getting colder here in the Sunshine State, but I haven’t had the heater on yet. The leaves are starting to turn, though, which usually doesn’t happen much until after Thanksgiving. Fall and Spring are my favorite seasons.

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Over the weekend we started to clean up after the construction.  Just as we were starting to move stuff back into the sewing room, the computer was attacked by the worst virus ever which took over the security system and demanded we pay to update our security.  We immediately unhooked the computer from the internet and called in an expert.  It took over 3 hours to clean out the computer, and a big bill to pay for it, but we are back in business.  So, if you get pop-ups supposedly from Windows Security that won’t go away, you are in big trouble.

Meanwhile, on a happier note, my daughter and I went to the pattern sale at Joann’s on Sunday and picked up some new patterns.  I want to get back to my sewing, but I have one more day of construction workers in the house to finish up various projects, then I am free.  And a lot poorer.

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The windows are in, but there is still lots of work to be done.  My sewing room is still under tarps.  I’d rather be sewing.

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