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Shirt Factory

A wants me to make her some skirts in addition to the shirts I am trying to make for her, so she sent me some links to skirts that she liked.  My favorite is this one:


I remembered that I have a pattern for a nearly identical skirt:


I have been making muslins for the shirts.  The first muslin was using the Butterick pattern I showed previously.  The problems were too much fabric under the arms, too much fabric across the front chest, and darts in the wrong places.   Here it is on Betty-The -Dressform:IMG_4620-1

It doesn’t look too bad on the dressform, but looked worse on A.

The next attempt was with a pattern I generated out of PMB pattern drafting software.  There was really a lot of difference in the fit.  The darts are in the right place and the armholes are higher and better fitting.  I have to try it on A next time she is home to check it out, but it looks better than the other one.


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