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On our recent weekend away, I stopped into an antique shop and found a basket of vintage patterns for only $1 apiece.  I like to collect blouse and shirt patterns and was able to find some nice blouse patterns and even some embroidery patterns.


Most of these blouse patterns have gathers at the yoke or shoulders.  I love blouses with tucks.IMG_4589

My favorite of these blouses is the blue 3/4-length sleeve blouse below.IMG_4591

I also found some excellent vintage men’s shirt patterns which I will show later.    I think it is wonderful how the women in the past kept such good care of their patterns because about 90% of the time all the pieces are still in the envelope even if the pattern was well used.

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Making Shirts

As I get ready to make more shirts and blouses with embroidery, I have been looking around the house for embroidered items to give me ideas for including in garments.  I found this apron tucked away in a drawer.  There used to be a church store in Oakdale that sold items from around the world as a self-help program to increase the incomes in various areas.  I loved the colors of this apron, but I don’t remember which country it came from.


It is made from sturdy cotton huck toweling and embroidered with the huck embroidery technique.


The back is very interesting because you can see that almost all of the threads are carried on the front of the fabric only with only the tails woven in on the back.


I have been looking through the older pattern stash (which involves major excavation into the sewing room closet) and found several shirt patterns that will be great for the younger daughter.  She wants a classic-looking shirt with three-quarter length sleeves for wearing to work in the lab.  She would prefer a collar on a band.


This older Butterick, 6715, which is copyrighted 2000, seems to be perfect for what the daughter wants.  It is closer fitting, too, which she likes.  This will be the next one I trace off.

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Gift of a Rose

The husband and I went for a walk yesterday and passed the house near the bike path.  The person who lives there has a bed of flowering bulbs in the spring that is just beautiful.  Yesterday the bulbs were all gone, and the beds were ready for planting annuals, but the rose bushes were blooming.  I was admiring one rose when the lady of the house, also out for a walk, came up behind us and offered to cut it for us as a gift.  I forgot to ask her the name of the rose, since I would love to grow this one, it is so beautiful. This wonderful gift cheered up the whole day.IMG_4371


In sewing news, I have finished the first version of the alterations for a shirt for my daughter, A. 


She needs a basic shirt with 3/4-length sleeves that won’t get in her way in the lab (she’s a scientist).  If I can get this shirt to fit right, I can adapt it any way I like and use the pattern to compare to other patterns I want to adjust.


Most of the measurements were fine, but I had taken the measurements off a commercial shirt that fits her, so I made a narrow shoulder adjustment to this pattern.  The pattern has been traced off onto butcher paper.  Now I am ready to sew the muslin for fitting tweaks.

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