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It is not easy to take a good picture of a hobo bag.  It is not easy to sew on upholstery velvet.  But the bag turned out OK, and M says it only has to survive 5 trips to the Tower of Terror at Disneyland.  I think I am done sewing heavy thick stuff that you have to struggle to force through the machine for awhile, so now I will go back to making blouses and aprons.



The batik I used for the lining was easy to work with.  I wasn’t very pleased with the pattern instructions, though.  There were several places where they left you confused as if there were a whole section of instructions missing.  The “let’s gloss over this part” school of instruction writing.

Well, cross that one off my list, and on to better things!

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New Project


Here’s what I am working on now.  The oldest daughter wants a large hobo back that can be worn with the strap across the chest for hand’s-free carrying at Disneyland.  This is the bag she has chosen, McCalls 5198, View A.  I am using a remnant of dark green upholstery velvet that I had in the stash and an ancient vintage green metal zipper that was also in the stash.  The lining will be cut from some of the batik that we got at Fabrix in the City.  img_3902

It should be pretty easy to sew except that I have to fit the strap on her since I elongated the pattern piece.  Right now I am considering the interfacing to use. 


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Look!  Simplicity has a pattern for actually useful sewing room accessories!  I may make the dressform cover for Madame Merp and Betty and I could also use a pressing ham.  I wonder if you can put fabric through a paper shredder because that would be good for stuffing a pressing ham.

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I had a brainstorm this week and ran to the fabric mountain to find some black fabric.  I found this seersucker blend that is lightweight and drapey.  I went to my stash of old embroidery patterns and found the owl patterns that I got at a thrift shop.  M loves owls.

Here is one of the owl patterns.  I used my camera and Word to shrink them down to a better size and designed the picture of the owls sitting on a branch to fit the pattern yoke.

I interfaced the yoke piece and used Sulky Soft n’ Sheer to trace out the pattern.  You can leave this stabilizer in the garment after the embroidery or you can cut it out.  I left it in.  I used free-motion embroidery to trace the lines of the design.  I love the look of the white stitching on the black background.

I used crochet thread to embroider blanket stitch around the neckline and then did one row of sc and one row of sc with picots.

We are having a rainy day here in the Sunshine State, so I was able to sew most of the day to finish this up.

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