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I purchased this pattern, Simplicity 4180, to make some tops for my daughter, but when I tried on the completed top, it fit so well and was so comfortable, that I made several for myself, too.


I made one out of dark turquoise heavy gauze with variegated turquoise decorative stitching around the V neck and a green linen one for M.


I wanted to make several out of knitted fabric for myself, but had to adjust the bottom under-the-yoke piece because it is cut on the bias for regular fabrics and needed to be much narrower along the bottom for knit fabrics. 


Knit Summer Top

The pattern is easy to sew and fits very well.  My only reservation is that the inset piece in the ‘V’ is sewn in on the side seams and suspended from the shoulder seams by two lengths of ribbon so that it floats freely.  I did away with this design element and cut an inset to sew in on the sides and bottom of the inset itself.

Now that I have sewn 4 of these tops in one week, I am totally bored with the pattern and will not sew it again for awhile, but will probably make more of them when the boredom wears off, since I have lots of knit fabric in the stash.

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Retro Sew Friday!

Here are some pictures from an old pattern book from the earlly fifties.


I love the fact that these styles have gotten popular again, and people buy the old patterns and actually sew them and wear them.  Maybe the pattern companies will issue more retro patterns to satisfy the customer who wants to enjoy this look.

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Summer Top

My daughter needed a top that will be comfortable in very hot weather, so I found this pattern:


I made it up in a crinkle cotton in an aqua tone, a favorite of M’s.  I noticed that the pattern is one of those with very generous sizing, so I made it a size smaller than usual, carefully reading the section on the back of the envelope that tells you the width at the bustline.  I guessed correctly, and it fits pretty well.


M has also picked out a few patterns she wants me to make this summer:


We like the white blouse in the above pattern and the dresses below, which look like they would be cool and comfortable for work. 


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Of all the garments I have sewed over the years, shirts and blouses are the most numerous.  I was inspired by the book, Shirtmaking by David Page Coffin, especially by the picture at the front of the book that shows his closet with all the shirts lined up in rainbow fashion.  I do not even have to follow the instructions in a pattern anymore and can sit down and sew the shirt in a day or two, off and on.  I have picked up many hints from books over the years to make the sewing easier, but my favorite is to do away with the neck facing, because I do hate a flapping neck facing.  I use a bias strip instead which makes for easy finishing and wearing.

This is the green shirt I am making for my daughter.  It has a 3/4 sleeve with cuff that I designed.



The pumpkin-colored shirt shows the completed bias finish.



Here is a recently completed summer purse that I made from my stash of decorator fabric samples.  The pattern is ‘A Mail Bag’ from Favorite Things except that I left the flap off because I didn’t have enough fabric. 

As soon as I finish the green shirt I am going to start the tunics, or so I hope.

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